• Welcome to Physical Education with Coach Weems 

  • Tennessee State Standards - PE



    It’s Time for DISC GOLF!!!!
    Welcome to the start of our Disc Golf Unit.
    Here’s a little video from Teen Kids News about the sport of Disc Golf. Also attached is a diagram of forehand and backhand throwing styles
    to help you get started. Find a target outside at your home and practice your accuracy. Try all the throwing styles and document your progress in a Disc Golf journal.

    Journal Questions.
    1. What do You find challenging about each throwing style?
    2. Which throwing style do you find the easiest to perform and why?
    3. Which throwing style do you find the most difficult and why?


















  • Physical Education Requirements:

    1. A great attitude
    2. Great work ethic
    3. Tennis Shoes or Sneakers
    4. Shirts with sleeves
    5. Athletic pants, athletic shorts or sweat pants

    (Please NO dresses, or other clothing that does not meet Washington County dress code standards.)


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