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    As of March 18, 2020, this webpage is being updated for continued learning during the school closure.  Please use the "Continuing Learning Resources" section to find information for learning at home. Remember you can email me at sheltonh@wcde.org!


     Welcome to continuing learning at home. I miss you! I think it would be a great idea to start a journal for this new journey we are one. I will do one as well and post mine here. I can't wait to read yours when we see each other again. You may journal about anything. I intend on starting my journal each day with how I am feeling. I am going to miss our feeling check-ins. Then share something I am doing, reading, or thinking. 

    Day 1 Journal-(3/18)- I am sad because I am missing you today. I am working while Sydney and Bree have began their continuing learning at home as well. I can't wait to go outside and pass volleyball with them after our work is complete for the day. 


    Day 2 Journal-(3/19)- I am happy that our first day of continued learning at home went better than I expected. Sydney and Bree completed their assignments, we rode bikes, played outside, passed volleyball, and even started a 1500 piece puzzle (which was quite entertaining because Bree did not realize how long a puzzle that big is going to take to finish). 


    Day 3 Journal-(3/20)- I am excited that Bree learned to ride her bike yesterday. After we finished our schoolwork, we went outside and she decided she was ready to ride it. After multiple attempts she began getting the hang of it. Like everything you have to practice to get better, so when it's our educational break time, she will be out working on it again. 


    Day 4 Journal-(3/23)- I am content. Learning today in my house has went slow. We had to take a break and Sydney had a regular endo (diabetic) appointment. So it was nice to get out of the house. Her appointment went great, so that was positive news. I am excited to share that I finished our 1500 piece puzzle. I may have been obsessed and could not have free time that I was not working on it. Bree and Scottie helped a little. With the puzzle being complete, I intend on starting a new book to read today. 


    Day 5 Journal-(3/24)- I am in pain. I have had a headache for the past day and a half. Can't get rid of it. Trying to work with your head hurting is difficult, but I am trying. I am missing you all terribly. We have our new routine and it is working great, but it doesn't include you and I miss the interaction with you and the other teachers. Last night we played a family game of guess what the drawing is. We drew a card with a topic, then had to draw it with our eyes closed. It was quite entertaining. I hope you are getting time to play games with your family. 


    Day 6 Journal-(3/25)- I am feeling much better today than yesterday. My headache is finally gone, so I feel human again. I am happy that the sun is shining this morning. Hopefully we will get out for a walk today. I started reading Bridge to Terabithia yesterday. I brought home my reading journal, so as I read I will write a response to each book. I have read Seedfolks so far, it was a good book. A quick read that really was nice as it was about people from different cultures coming together and making a unique garden. I hope you are reading. I would love to hear or see what you are reading. You can email me or post on Bloomz. I have gotten a few pictures and it makes my day. Finding out yesterday that we will be closed now through April 24 was heartbreaking. We have did this online learning and not seeing each other for a week that feels like forever, and to know that we now must do it another month just makes me want to cry. I want to see you, I want to teach you!


    Day 7-(3/26)- Today I went to school to put a few things up. They are waxing our floors and my choas bookshelf, I was a little afraid to leave. So I went to school and put my books up, so that they don't get lost or damaged while they wax the floor. It was so sad being in the classroom, just the way we had left it. Yes we knew that we would have an extended break, but we didn't realize it would be extended longer than Spring Break. After running by school, I spent most of the rest of the day outside. The girls and I rode bikes, passed volleyball, went on a walk, shot bow and arrows, and did our reading outside on the back porch, so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. Hope you are getting out and enjoying the wonderful weather while it is nice and not raining. 


    Day 8-(3/27)- Today is the day I was looking forward to at school! I had huge plans to celebrate me and that it was the last day before Spring Break. Now instead of celebrating with you, I get to celebrate in quarentine with just my family. Scottie did buy me a cookie cake, which is what I was going to get us for birthday snack and bring to school today:( At least the weather is suppose to be good. When the girls finish their schoolwork for the day, we will again go spend time outside and enjoy the weather. Granted please wear sunscreen. I didn't think about it yesterday and I wound up burning my face, shoulders and legs since we were out for so long. WEAR SUNSCREEN it's a big deal! I hope you have worked hard on the past week and a half and gotten a little bit of school work done. Next week is SPRING BREAK, so I will not be posting. It is still spring break, just at home and we can't go anywhere. Enjoy your break and I can't wait to write you again on Monday, April 6th with new assignments and tell you what my family did over the break. 





Mrs. Heather Shelton

Phone: 423-257-7400


Degrees and Certifications:

Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Tusculum College Education Specialist Degree from Lincoln Memorial University

Mrs. Heather Shelton

I am excited to begin a new adventure as a 3rd Grade Teacher at Grandiew Elementary School. I know that we will become a family and learn together. I am in starting my 15th year of teaching and all but one of those years has been in Kindergarten. I am a graduate of Tusculum College where I recieved my Master's Degree in Elementary Education. I have recieved my Education Specialist Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from LMU. I love teaching and knowing that what I do in my classroom paves the way for my students to learn in the future. I can't wait to learn with the students this year as we all figure out 3rd grade. 


I am frequently sharing what we are doing in the classroom on Twitter. Please follow me if you would like to an inside peek into our classroom. @HShelton3rd

I am a native of Greene County where I graduated from South Greene High School. I am married to Scottie and we have two girls, Sydney (13) and Bree (9). We currently reside in Limestone. I enjoy the reading, the outdoors, and volleyball. 



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