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8th Grade Math

Dear students and families,

I hope the beginning of your extended time away from school finds you well.  This will be a learning experience for all of us as I share online learning tools with you and you practice independently.  As I've told you before, don't hesitate to reach out to me with any needs, both in math and more importantly in life.  While I will be sharing suggested weekly plans with you, I encourage you to check our school website and my class page daily for any updated information.  


I want to leave you with a few thoughts that someone shared with me to be mindful of the next few weeks.  Conversations are not cancelled.  Relationships are not cancelled.  Love is not cancelled.  Songs are not cancelled.  Reading is not cancelled.  Hope is not cancelled.  May we lean into the good that remains.  Use this time to try something new, help someone in need, and discover who you are and who you would like to become.  


With Love, 
Mrs. Sanders

  • March 26

    Posted by Leanne Sanders on 3/26/2020

    What a much needed beautiful day we have had. I'm excited because the next few days are expected to be as wonderful. I have been able to catch several of you working on Get More Math at the same time that I have logged in.  If you get stuck on a problem, you can always email me or send me a picture of the problem.  I have enjoyed reading your responses to the math journal in Google Classroom.  I think we pretty much are all feeling the same way right now.  I guess you saw that our closure has been extended through April 24. That truly hurt my heart.  I miss you all and can't wait to see you again.  I can't wait to tell you to quit playing the drums on your desks, rocking in your chairs, jumping to touch door frames, talking to your neighbor instead of working (I never thought I would miss those things but I do!!) I was happy to see some of you yesterday at the school to pick up the paper learning packets. If you didn't get one, no worries.  As our time for Spring Break approaches, don't forget that you can still reach out to me if you need anything even though I will be taking a break from posting assignments until the next week.I will still check my email and text messages regularly.  


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  • March 24

    Posted by Leanne Sanders on 3/24/2020

    Good Morning,

    Sorry it has been a few days since I've last checked in. I don't have anything exciting to share but wanted you to know I have thought about each of you and miss you terribly.  Sunday afternoon my family and I took a picnic to David Crockett Birthplace.  It was nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  I saw several former students which made my day.  We also saw a snake which didn't so much make my day.  Ugh!!!

    Yesterday's quizizz was a sucess.  There were 25 of you that signed on and took the quiz.  I was so proud of your 88% accuracy.  As requested, we will do it again soon but a little later in the day next time for all of you late sleepers.  Haha!

    I just had a video conference with your 7th and 8th grade teachers.  It was so good to see them.  We are still continuing to work even on these days off.  

    Continue to email or message me with questions or if you need anything. I can login to Get More Math and help with any questions that are stumping you.  

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  • March 20

    Posted by Leanne Sanders on 3/20/2020

    I hope today finds each of you well.  I am sure for some of you the boredom has hit but I'm not there yet.  I've been using this time to do some much needed house cleaning, purging and organizing.  Mrs. Ratliff and I posted another video on tik tok.  If you saw it, you would believe I am still cleaning up flour!  

    I have attempted to watch YouTube to learn how to braid hair.  I am a little disappointed because I thought this would be a one day lesson.  Nope! 

    On Sunday night/Monday morning I will be posting several new things for next week, including info for a live quizizz on Monday with your classmates and a journal entry in our Google Classroom.  Be sure you check back. 


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  • March 19

    Posted by Leanne Sanders on 3/19/2020 7:00:00 PM

    Good evening! I hope you enjoyed the beautiful day and you were able to get outside for some fresh air.  Instead of something brand new today, I relearned something that I haven't been able to do for quite some time and that is to not be a clock watcher.  We wake up when we want, we eat when we are hungry, not at 12:10 everyday (HaHa), we go outside when we want and come in when we want  And best of all, we are never late! With all of the anxious feelings we have right now, focusing on the good feels so much better.  And.....I have big news coming Sunday night that you won't want to miss. 

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  • March 18

    Posted by Leanne Sanders on 3/18/2020

    Each day, I'm going to try something new.  I'll keep you posted.  Today, I learned to tik tok. Is that even a verb? Lol. Mrs. Ratliff and I created our own account.  You can follow us @southern.solutions

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  • Our first combined Quizizz was a success! You all had an overall accuracy of 88%! Way to go!!  


    Continuing Studies for 8th grade math 

    I have added a Math Journal question in Google Classroom for this week.  Check-in if you get a chance. 



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