• Welcome to Mr. Moore's Science Classroom.   My name is Alex Moore and I am the 7th and 8th Grade Science teacher at Grandview Elementary. 

    Dear Parents and students,

    During this unique time, I wanted to maintain a level of normalcy for my students by giving some activitties and articles to read.  Please know that I miss you guys and look forward to seeing you soon.  Check back because activities and articles will be updated from time to time.  Some of the activities are from IXL which you have an account for.  Other activities may come from Wonderopolis, just go the site and type in the article number.

    Homeroom class - "Who is the best?"

    To the students I take to lunch - "Have a delicious and nutrious lunch. May the good food, be your food!"

    7th grade IXL science

         O-4 Plant cell diagrams 3/23

         O-5 Animal cell diagrams  3/24

         O-6 Comparing plant and animal cells  3/25

         Q-1 Inherited and aquired traits  3/26

         Q-2 Genotype and Phenotype  3/27

    7th grade Howstuffworks.com

         Go to the website Howstuffworks.com and search "Here's how plant and animal cells are different." Please read the article.   3/23

    7th grade Wonderopolis

         #1308 - What determines the color of your eyes   3/24

         #1545 - How many cells are in the human body  3/25

         #2352 - Why is this sensitive plant so shy  3/26

         #1597 - How do bones grow  3/27

    8th grade IXL science

         Y-1 Natural resources - groundwater  3/23

         Y-2 Natural resources - fossil fuels   3/24

         Z-1 Rocks and Minerals  3/25

         Z-2 Label parts of the rock cycle diagram 3/26

         Z-3 Select parts of the rock cycle diagram   3/27

    8th grade Wonderopolis

         #1059 - Where is Pangaea?   3/23

         # 198 - What is an Earthquake  3/24

         # 1047 - How are mountains made  3/25

         # 1678 - Can you collect sunlight  3/26

         # 1497 - How is nuclear power generated  3/27

    5th - 8th RTI classes - please go to Xtramath - sign in as moorea@wcde.org.  If you forgot your username or pin number email me and I will send it back.

    March 26th Joke of the day

         One tectonic plate bumps into another tectonic plate and says "Sorry, my fault!"

Mr. Alex Moore

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B.S. Elementary Education from ETSU Master of Arts in Education from Tusculum College

Mr. Alex Moore

I have been teaching in Washington County, Tn for the last 20 years.  I began teaching and coaching at Fall Branch Elementary.  Later, I coached basketball at Daniel Boone High School and moved into administration at Sulphur Springs Elementary.  After that adventure, I began teaching science at Grandview Elementary.

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