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Ms. Tricia Abbott

Hi...Welcome to Fall Branch Music Class!  Would you like to know a little info about me?  Well, here goes.....

I graduated from Dobyns Bennett High School and headed straight to Tennesse Tech University where I majored in Music Education. While there I was an honor student in my academics and in Music.  I performed for Aaron Copland, I had an honor recital, was in the top Chorale, and peformed numerous shows while there.  After graduating, I decided to get a second certification to teach 1st-8th grade from East Tennessee State University.  I became an outbound ambassador sponsered by the Kiwanis club and went to Germany and spent eight weeks immersed in the culture and had a great time! Later, I went to Indiana University where I studied vocals under a former Opera singer and was well received as well.

I later had an opportunity to move to Raleigh, North Carolina which I took. I performed locally and professionally in musicals across the region. After having a family and child, I thought...hmmm...I need to get a steady job.  I was welcomed into the Wake County Public School system and taught part time drama classes, the next year I was placed as the Music teacher at Smith Elementary where I served 14 years. I was involved with Student Support Team as an Related Arts representative, I was on several committees to improve our school and we ended up being a school of Excellence! I did many musicals with my students and have done hundreds of shows with different grade levels over the years.  One year, my students were invited to sing for the Senate in Raleigh. What an honor!  This was very exciting and it is still an important accomplishment my students and I made.

Later, I left Raleigh 15 years ago and came back to my hometown...Kingsport.  I needed a job!  Luckily, I had put in my application in Washington County, and three days before school started, I was hired to teach Music at Fall Branch! Fall Branch has been a blessing to me in so many ways.  There is such a sense of community among the students and their parents and it transcends to our staff as we create our own small community as well. 

Everyday I teach, there is always something new to learn for me as well as the students. A good teacher never stops learning, always welcomes change, is flexible, understanding and compassionate. If they ever lose one of these attributes, teaching is simply not for them. To be a teacher, is to experience life at it's fullest and for that I am thankful!

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  • Concepts and Skills: 


    Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades:

    Steady beat, beat/no beat, tone color, loud/soft, vocal sounds, upward/downward in a melody, rhythm patterns, environmental sounds, fast/slow, strong/weak beats, long/short sounds, high/low sounds, call/response, classroom instruments, instruments of the orchestra, accompaniment/no accompaniment, recognizing same and different excerpts in music, styles of music, repeats in melodies, patterns in music, quarter, eighth, whole, dotted half, half notes, dancing and counted steps and patterns.


    Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades:

    Movement/Dancing, playing instruments, group performances, ostinato, harmony, sequencing, expression, interpretation, countermelodies, tone color, tempo, music symbols, dynamics, notes and letter names, meter, rhythm, note value, stressed and unstressed beats, different cultures and music, melodies that skip, repeat, or leap, form, rounds, partner songs, solo, duet, trios, quartets, spirituals and slavery, different styles of music, historical aspects of music.


    Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades:

    Dancing with partners or in a group, styles of music, historical aspects of styles of music. Compare/contrast pieces of music, understanding that all music has common threads, influences by other cultures in American music. Studying different artists/musicians/composers/ both past and present and their influence on style and culture.  Music from around the world. Writing is heavily incorporated in these grades. 




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