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Ms. Tricia Abbott

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    Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades:

    Steady beat, beat/no beat, tone color, loud/soft, vocal sounds, upward/downward in a melody, rhythm patterns, environmental sounds, fast/slow, strong/weak beats, long/short sounds, high/low sounds, call/response, classroom instruments, instruments of the orchestra, accompaniment/no accompaniment, recognizing same and different excerpts in music, styles of music, repeats in melodies, patterns in music, quarter, eighth, whole, dotted half, half notes, dancing and counted steps and patterns.


    Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades:

    Movement/Dancing, playing instruments, group performances, ostinato, harmony, sequencing, expression, interpretation, countermelodies, tone color, tempo, music symbols, dynamics, notes and letter names, meter, rhythm, note value, stressed and unstressed beats, different cultures and music, melodies that skip, repeat, or leap, form, rounds, partner songs, solo, duet, trios, quartets, spirituals and slavery, different styles of music, historical aspects of music.


    Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades:

    Dancing with partners or in a group, styles of music, historical aspects of styles of music. Compare/contrast pieces of music, understanding that all music has common threads, influences by other cultures in American music. Studying different artists/musicians/composers/ both past and present and their influence on style and culture.  Music from around the world. Writing is heavily incorporated in these grades. 




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