Survival Journal (This is for 6th and 8th graders.)


    Remember when we read that book Life as We Knew It? If not, that was a book about a teenage girl who dealt with a lot of life-changing things in her life due to an emergency like we are experiencing right now!  In her journal, she included a lot of important information that ended up being like a version of history.

    In your survival journal, follow the directions below. I'm really excited to see what you guys write in these journals.  And remember, these could become a part of your history, too.


    Survival Journal Directions:

    • Write one journal entry for each day that we would have gone to school.  This will be 19 total journal entries.  You are welcome to write more!

    • Each journal entry needs to be about half a page. 

    • If you have access, record information you have learned about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease).  This can be anything you hear from the news or your parents. It can be things you think about it, things you see on Facebook.  Just be sure to tell where you heard the information so that you will remember that once time passes by.  You can include how you feel about all of this. You can include anything you want in this journal. Tell me things you did today. Tell me how you feel about not coming to school and just how it is affecting you. Most importantly, I want you to be writing a little bit each day so that we will have a record of your life during this time.

    • You can write these on good ol' fashioned paper. You can write them on a Google drive. I'm really not picky about these; I just want you to WRITE and bring it in or send it to me somehow so I can read them.

    • I really am excited to read your journals, so let's see what we can write!  Actually, I'm going to write one with you!

  • Information for Assignments

    • The assignments below will be for 8th and 6th grade. Each one will have the appropriate grade in the description.  The 6th grade students will be completing 7th grade IXL and the 8th grade students will be completing 9th grade IXL. This is to help them progress forward with more rigourous work. However, if your student is really struggling with the assignment on IXL, they are welcome to do their grade-level or to even go to one grade lower as needed.

    • Each day, students will read for 30 minutes and write a summary. They can read any book they want at home. I just need them to be reading.

    • On the commonlit articles, students should read and answer all the questions.

    • Just do the best you can on all work and remember this is all just to help you maintain all that we have worked hard to learn each day. Even if they don't do state tests, you need to work hard for yourself and your own future!

    • Good luck! Reach out to me in email if you need anything and also remember that I will email each day to help guide you!

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