• 2022 Ridgeview Baseball Team

    First off, I would like to thank everyone who tried out for the Ridgeview Baseball Team this year. I know it's been a long time waiting, but thank you for being patient and coming out for this team. This has been a very difficult decision to make with many new factors taking place this year, and I can't keep everyone, but this means with had a successful tryout. No matter the results, I want to wish everyone good luck and I hope they continue to play the game of baseball this spring and summer, whether that be in travel ball or little league. Continue to work hard and keep improving on your skills. With that being said, here is the 2022 Ridgeview Baseball Team:


    2022 Ridgeview Baseball Team:

    Garrison Jones

    Tanner (TJ) Leonard

    Reagan Moore

    Aiden Perry

    Kaden Lyle

    Quinlan Held

    Tanner Orth

    Justice Kitto

    Brady Starnes 

    Jackson Breedlove 

    Briton Snyder

    Warner Stallard

    Ry Stone

    Asher Lyle 

    Luke Barron

    Connor Carpenter

    Kaleb Ray

    Ty Mckibbons

    Jaden Williams

    Practice Schedule for the week of February 21 (this week):

    Monday: Practice 3-5:30

    Tuesday: Practice 4-6 (weather permitting)

    Wednesday: Practice 3:30-5:15. There will be a mandatory parent meeting following practice on this day. The meeting should last about 15-20 minutes.

    Thursday: Practice 4-6 (weather permitting)

    Friday:Practice 4-5:30 (weather permitting)

    *** I'm trying to get these players outside as much as possible so we may be going on a day-by-day basis just depending on the weather. I will let the players know at the end of each practice what time we will go for the next day. 

    *** Below is the link to join the Ridgeview Raptors Baseball Band App for communication. This will be Coach Percell's way to provide any baseball updates related to this year's Raptors team (practices, games). Please use this as the primary way to communicate with Coach Percell on any updates. ONLY share with Ridgeview baseball parents. Thank You.***


     Band Link: https://band.us/n/a8ae66j7x7Kfs