• Make time for music!

    While we are out of school due to health concerns, please give your child the opportunity to express themselves through music

    Just 5 -10 minutes a day!



     Here are some websites for students to watch or sing along or practice music skills.

    Students MAY GO TO ANY OF THESE WEBSITES. However, I will suggest the grade levels that might do best .


    Suggested for grades PreK- 2nd:

    https://pbskids.org/daniel/games/music-shop/ - Students can click and drag and interact with the characters and music shop. Click on an instrument to hear what it sounds like!


    Suggested for grades 3rd- 5th:


    http://www.sfskids.org/ -Students can click on any of the categories: discover, listen, play, perform, etc. and experiment with those activities. (These sites may not work on cellphones)


    Suggested for grades 6th - 8th:



    https://www.mydso.com/dso-kids/- Students can click on Learn+ Listen, Activities, Visit the Symphony and explore!


    Remember- ANY STUDENT CAN USE ANY OF THESE WEBSITES. Just pick a site and have fun!


    * Also for those parents who are wondering- there will not be any musical performances for the rest of this school year, due to my absences from surgery and then the closing of schools, which is followed by state testing. We won't have time to work on a play or songs, but will instead concentrate on building musical skills!*


    Mrs Haught and Mr. Jeffers

    email : haughtl@wcde.org

    text: 423-262-7324