• Hello to a 2nd 9 weeks! 

    Keep up those Reading Logs! If you have any questions about reading logs, please refer to the paper sent home. 

    We are reading Charlotte's Web by E.B. White for our Class Read Aloud. It was chosen by the students based on interest.  The students get to learn about literary componets such as character, plot, problem, soloution, and vocabulary.  


    Mrs. Hughes

  • Science 

    We are now starting Chapter 2!

    I assigned a Food Chain project today! It is due Oct. 31st 2016.  If you have any questions please contact me.  I always provide materials and support for any project if asked in advance.  I will help your child with the project at school up until the 28th of October. The students can be reading and reviewing Chapter 2 as we learn about Ecosystems and how all things are connected.  

  • Social Studies

    The class will be starting Chapter 2.   We will be learning about the Democratic Republic just in time for the election.  The students will be looking at our great countrie's founding documents and what systems our country has in place.  We will learn how a Democracy works and what it takes to be a good citizen. 

  • Math

    We are working on individual goals at this point in our math groups.  We will always review place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and estimation.  The class just finished working with decimals.  They will continue to work on these skills and build on them.  We are currently working on the skills that relate to money in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and decimals. 

  •                     Why we have reading logs....

     Reading is a must in my classroom.  We have reading logs that need to go home every day.  I require my students to read at least three nights a week for fifteen minutes a night.  I do this becuase it will make the students a better reader.  I want my students to be the best readers possible. If you have any questions about the reading log policy please refer to the paper handed out during the second week of school. You may also contact me via phone or email.