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    Fall Branch School is excited to announce our continued participation in the Morning Mile Program! This is a program focused on getting kids to be more active. Each day, one grade level is scheduled to walk laps around the gym during their time in bus hall. Students walk as many laps as they can with the goal being to add them up to a mile. Students will be awarded tokens when they have walked 5 miles to celebrate their success. We do not care if they walk 1 lap or 50 just as long as they are walking. Help us by encouraging students in this walk toward fitness!



    Handwashing is key to prevent the spread of illness among students, staff, and families. Please take every opportunity to remind children about the importance of hand washing especially at school.

    Remember "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"!!

    Do your part and encourage hand hygiene.


    Medication at School

    Please remember, children are not allowed to transport medication of any kind (even over the counters like cough drops) into the school. If your child needs medication at school, it must be brought into the clinic by a parent or guardian and the correct paperwork must be completed before the medication can be administered.

    Thank You,

    Nurse Chelsae


    Student Medical Conditions

    If your child has a medical condition that could impact him/her at school, please ensure that you have notified the school nurse and obtained the appropriate paperwork to be completed for our records here at school. Some examples of such conditions are asthma, ADHD, severe allergies, need for Epi-pen, etc. Contact the school nurse at 348-1209 with any questions or to request the appropriate forms.


    Upcoming 7th Graders' Immunization Requirements

    Please be aware that any current 6th grade student has immunization requirements that have to be met prior to entering 7th grade. These are a TDap/Tetanus Booster. Proof of immunization must be provided on the TN State Immunization Form. If documentation is not provided for the student, he/she will be excluded from entering 7th grade.


    Please be aware of the increasing incidence of food allergies in children.  Please take special care in choosing and sending food/snacks with children to school especially during special events such as birthdays, reward days, etc. Make it a point to discourage your child from sharing snacks with others in the class room or taking snacks from other students even when asked.