• A graduation ceremony for those students that graduated in December is scheduled for Thursday, April 11, 2019. Students participating in this ceremony will receive an informational letter from Mrs. McGlamery. This letter will provide each graduate with important information about the ceremony.


    May 2019 graduates will be participating in either May, June, July, or possibly August graduation ceremonies. Actual ceremony dates to be annouonced soon.


    Each graduate must be fitted for a cap, gown, and tassel from the school he or she is graduating from. A cap and gown will be loaned to each student and must be returned. Twelve complimentary invitations, a tassel, as well as a diploma w/cover will be provided to each student at no cost.


    Please call Mrs. McGlamery at 423-434-4902 for more information.

    Graduation Info

  • All graduation ceremonies are held at the Washington County Department of Education in Jonesborough. Click on the map to get to Mapquest for directions (click on "Directions To" under the address).