• 2018 Grandview Track & Field

    Coach: Teresa Duffy

    Girls Tryouts will be Tuesday, February 13

    Boys Tryouts will be Wednesday, February 14




     2018 Meet Schedule    
    Dates                    Location                                    Schools                             
     March 16   Grandview School GV Hosting -GV, SC, WV, JB, Lamar
     March 23    Grandview School JB Hosting -  GV, Lamar, SS, JB, Gray
     April 6  Grandview School WV Hosting - GV, SC, WV, Lamar, JB 
     April 13     Grandview School Lamar Hosting - SC, GV, Lamar, RV, WV
     April 20  Grandview School SC Hosting - FB, GV, SC, WV, Lamar
     April 28 (Saturday)  David Crockett HS - (ALL Schools 9 AM) Washington County Meet

    *Start time for regular meets is approximately 4:30 P.M.