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    The PTA is always looking for volunteers to help out at Grandview School.  We have several ways that you could be of service to the faculty, staff and students.  Please contact a PTA Board Member or like us on Facebook for ways you can become involved in your child's school.

    We would love volunteers. They can just email or our facebook page. We could use many people for a fundraising committee because it's going to be difficult this year. We are very open to any and all suggestions. 

    Follow us on Facebook to keep up with current events, information on fundraisers, happenings at school, ways you can volunteer, etc.  It is listed as Grandview Eagles PTA.

    You Can Make a Difference!

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    Volunteer Positions Needed

    Our school is in NEED of a PASS Coordinator.  This is a volunteer position that is in charge of doing teacher copies at the Midway center on Friday mornings.  Please if you can at all, call the school and let them know if you could help with this task.  Even if you are able to help once a month and split the position with others, that would be a huge help to our school and teachers.  You can bring your little ones with you if needed also.

  • So what are the benefits of having a PTA?  How does PTA contribute to your children's educational goal at Grandview School?

    Over the past few years Grandview's PTA was able to contribute to Grandview in many different ways:


    PTA completed the courtyard makeover with an addition of 8 commercial unbrellas. 

    They have reserved $3,000 for the playground equipment.  

    PTA purchases school supplies to start the year for all the teachers at Grandview.

    Legacy Lawns and PTA provided us with the manpower to clean and landscape the grounds around Grandview.

    PTA helped fund the water bottle refill stations throughout Grandview.

    PTA provided Kindles for the 8th grade ELA classes.

    PTA purchased the music class risers that are used for programs here at Grandview.

    Day Construction and PTA provided the concrete and rubberized the playground.

    Barkley Construction and PTA provided the cabinet to house all the trophies at the Gym entrance.

    Supporting E.P.I.C. celebrations by providing volunteers and prizes.