• Physical Education Teachers:

    Tyler DeVault
    Tonya Jenkins
    Jennifer Taylor


  • "If you don't take care of your body, where will you live ?"

  • February is Heart Month. We just completed a unit on the Heart by traveling through the Heart Adventure Course, and learning some important information about keeping our hearts strong and healthy. Additionally, our Elementary students studied Nutrition, the importance of eating healthy and recognizing good food choices and how they impact our bodies.  Currently, our K-4 students are participating in Bowling and learning the basic skills relative to this lifelong sport.  Middle School students are practicing components of the Physical Fitness Test and will be completing these components in the coming weeks.  Our next unit of study for K-4 will be Golf. We will be learning the basic Golf skills relative to their developmental level. 

  • Your child participates in some type of physical activity each time they come to P.E. Please make sure his/her clothing is safe and comfortable. Tennis shoes are required for safe participation in all Physical Education activities.