• Important Information:


    Just go to Ridgeview's home page, click classrooms, then click 5th grade, and choose 5th grade news.  There you will find important information about all your student's subjects and activities.



    Let me take a “SCIFIE!”

    That’s right, a Science selfie, Scifie! We want to see you doing science activities.  If you are doing any activity associated with Science, take a Scifie of yourself!  Then email it to me so I can add it to the photo album on our web page.  Students can earn 5 extra credit points for each Scifie they submit, with a 20 points max per grading period. Be ready to explain your Scifie to the class so that we can appreciate your scientific selfie moment!

    Math Important Information: ARE YOU READY? WE ARE TN MATH READY!

    TN Ready! Math is designed to show math teachers areas of need in the basic components of math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,decimals, fractions, word problems, and geometry. Students need to be completely honest with their understanding of TN Ready! Math. If they don't understand a problem or they get it wrong, then they must mark it wrong. Each day, we go over their TN Ready! work and I explain each problem for every set.  After each 9 weeks, I take up their TN Ready! work and, according to their bar graph, I group students into their area of need.  For example, if a student gets all the division problems correct but missed alot of fraction problems, I would work with that student in a small group on fractions.  Please encourage your student to be VERY honest about how many questions they get correct and their understanding of each component. All the questions on the quizes and tests come directly from their TN Ready! Math work in the classroom.  Friday will be TN Ready! quiz day. 

  • The NEW Math Series is ONLINE!!!

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    Clink on link above or go to www-k6.thinkcentral.com 

    Your student can log in using their AR user name and password.

    Once logged in, you will find an online version of our textbook, assignments, reports, and games.  This online access is a great way to work on any math skills that your student may need extra help with! Check out the "On the Spot" videos that show real teachers teaching the concepts as outlined in the book.





    12-Mid-terms go home

    14-Valentine's Day

    16-No Students Parent/Teacher conferences 8-3 (Letters went home 2/8)

    19-No School


    9-End 3rd 9 weeks

    16-Report Cards

    20-No Students/Inservice

    26-30-Spring Break


    2-No Students/Inservice

All About Me

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    My name is April White and I grew up right here in East Tennessee. I went to University School and graduated from ETSU in 1996. I also hold a master's degree from Tusculum College. That same year, I married a wonderful man, my husband Monty. We love to camp, SCUBA dive, play soccer, play baseball, and go on trips. My oldest daughter, Emily,  and her husband, John, live in Charleston, SC where she attends the College of Charleston and he is in the Navy. My youngest daughter, Elizabeth, is an athlete at King University where she is an active member of their acro and tumbling team while studying Biology and Psychology.   Ethan attends Daniel Boone High School where he enjoys football and baseball. I lenjoy summer because I value spending time with my family.

    I have been teaching 3rd grade at Ridgeview since it opened in the Fall of 2008. Before that, I taught 3rd grade at Gray Elementary School. I also taught fourth grade. But I am currently teaching math and science in fifth grade. I know we will have a great year. I truly enjoy teaching and love to see my students learn.  I believe that all children are capable of great things if just given the chance and positive support! 


    Always fun at school!