• 8th graders, I love & miss you!

    Ms. Sanders' Math Formula:

    Add some sunshine and laughter to each day!
    Subtract worry and stress!
    Mulitply your happiness by spending time with family!
    Divide your time between learning, resting, and having fun!   
  • Get More Math Sumdog Khan Academy Edpuzzle

    Below are suggested MATH activities and assignments to complete while out of school. 

    Students can utilize "Sum Dog" or "Get More Math" to practice 8th grade math skills at any time.

    Each day of  our COVID-19 break, I will assign a specific skill set for students to work on in Get More Math, as outlined below. I highly encourage students to compelte each of these practice sets each day, and then spend 15-20 minutes in mixed review on Get More Math or Sum Dog. 

    REMINDER: Khan Academy and EdPuzzle have video tutorials for all 8th grade skills. Simply click one of those links above and scroll through the lessons to find the one you need! You can also reach out to me via email with any questions


    Monday (4/6): scientific notation

    Tuesday(4/7): operations with scientific notation 

    Wednesday(4/8): linear equations 

    Thursday(4/9): systems of equations, graphing

    Friday(4/10): GOOD FRIDAY  (School Holiday) 


    Look for an email with info about Google Meet this week!