• Monday, 5/11/20  It's free reading day!!!  Just document what time and how many pages you have read!!  Enjoy a book and a blanket- it's chilly outside.

    Tuesday, 5/12/20 - Friday, 5/15/20   Research a career for the future.  Try to determine a few options you might be interested in.  How much would you make?  How much schooling do you need?  Where can you get the degree?  Where are there jobs available?  Type up a report, less than one page.  Cite where you found the info.  Have fun!



    May finally arrived.  The end of school is so close.

     Please read everyday and keep notes of pages read, as well as, a summary of what you are reading, even if it's "fake news" on the internet!  Make sure you send me a copy of your reading log for credit!


    Monday, 5/4- Growth Quiz

    Tuesday, 5/5- Sentence Fragments

    Wed., 5/6- Review Passage

    Thurs., 5/7- Claims

    Friday, 5/8- Commas  



    No Red Ink

    • You need to create a student account.  Go the the below website.  You must use your real name.  However, you may choose your own user name and password.  Please make it something you can remember, you will use it all week!!!!  Might even need to write it down!

                block #1 enter-  https://www.noredink.com/join/good-pepper-87

              block #2 enter- https://www.noredink.com/join/honest-grape-68

              block #3 enter- https://www.noredink.com/join/free-panther-35


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