• Hi Guys!   I miss you sooo much!!!  Hope you all are well.  Thank you for trying to keep up with schooling.  It will certainly be helpful next year and in your future.  Praying we don't ever have to work from home again!


     Please don't forget to be reading everyday and keep notes of pages read, as well as, a summary of what you are reading, even if it's "fake news" on the internet!


    Monday, 4/6- Newsela "TikTok", quiz, and writing prompt.

    Tuesday, 4/7- Newsela "Teens try vacc." & "Chickenpox"

    Wed., 4/8 Newsela "Board games" & "Video games"

    Thurs., 4/9 Newsela "Sling" & "Peeping"

    Friday, 4/10  Enjoy your Easter holiday! 


    Hope the bunny can bring you candy!  Stay home, stay safe, WASH YO HANS!


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