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    April 6-10


    The next few weeks we are focusing on bring science standards into our ELA: making inferences, drawing conclusions, living and non-living, heredity.


    Our writing unit for this 9 weeks is opinion and persuasive writing. Discuss with your child what it means to have an opinion and that they can have their own opinion.  Students can use their journals I sent home or any paper you have at your house.


    For math this week, we will be working on finishing representing, counting, and writing 11-19. We will then move to Measurement!


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    April 6-10

    Our book for this week will be Tale of Peter Rabbit. I will post a recording of it, along with being able to find it many places online. We are going to talk about Spring, living and nonliving.




    • Daily Weather Log - Read/listen to a book about spring ( - Write and draw about changes that happen in spring.
    • Discuss Tale of Peter Rabbit. Do an activity from the Peter Rabbit Close Read
    • Pick 10 sight words to focus on this week. Practice reading and writing these words (rainbow write, chalk, shaving cream, building words with blocks or Legos, etc.)
    • 20 minutes of reading. Read to your parents, a sibling, stuffed animal, pet, etc.
    • Chapter 11. 1 - Practice a measurement page. Help parents cook or measure something around your house.


    • Tale of Peter Rabbit - Are you Team Peter or Team Mr. McGregor. Why? What is your reasoning?
    • Daily Weather Log - Listen to another book about spring. Write about what you like about spring? What do you not like?
    • Pick an activity to practice your 10 sight words on. Try using them in a sentence.
    • Chose an April phonics page to practice.
    • Find a new spot to read for 20 minutes or getepic for 20 minutes. 
    • Chapter 11.2 - Practice a review addition or subtraction page. Find something to measure yourself with. Use legos, blocks, balls, chalk - lay down/stand up and see how many lego's tall you are, etc.


    • Read the informational Rabbit text. Fill out the All About Rabbits and write 3 or more facts you learned about rabbits.
    • If nice outside, do a P.E. class outside or inside as a brain break.
    • Practice the sight words chosen for this week with an activity, rainbow writing, using in sentence, etc.
    • Do a Peter Rabbit Stem Challenge and write about what happened in your journal.
    • Find an April phonics paper to complete.
    • Read 20 minutes to someone or if the weather is nice, go read outside.
    • Chapter 11.3 - Practice a measurement page.


    • STEM Challenge from Peter Rabbit.
    • Write about your opinion of learning from home. Do you like it? Do you miss school? What are the things you like? What do you not like?
    • Practice the sight words chosen for this week.
    • April phonics page
    • Read 20 minutes
    • Take some time and play a game - online, with your family, outside
    • Chapter 11. 4 - Practice a spring math page.


    • Peter Rabbit lets look Closely page. What was your favorite part of the book? Stem Challenge for fun!
    • Do a couple April phonics/writing pages.
    • Try to write your sight words on your own. Can you do them without any help?
    • Chapter 11.5 - Do a spring math page of your choice.
    • Read 20 minutes a day to yourself, a family member, or a stuffed animal.


    Don't forget to watch Peter Rabbit on TV for a family night. :)



    Day 1


    -Daily Weather Log (Draw and label the weather. Write a complete sentence about the weather. Example: Today it is sunny. I like to play outside when it is sunny.)

    -Response to The Luckiest Leprachaun Page - What does it mean to be a good friend?

    -20 minutes of Reading (You can use GetEpic. Reflect on one of the stories read in journal. Retell the story. Include Beginning, Middle, and End)

    -Pick 10 Sight Words from the Sight Word list. Write a sentence with each word. Highlight/Underline the sight word. 

    -Math - Chapter 6. Lesson 5. Practice a subtraction page. 


    Day 2

    -Daily Weather Log

    -20 minutes of Reading. Identify the Characters & Setting of the book

    -Discuss Cause & Effect. (Example of Easy activity: Put an egg in a plastic bag. Drop the egg. What happens? The cause was I dropped the egg. The effect was the egg busted.) - Write a small journal on what you saw

    -Practice Simple Reading Page - Read & Sequence

    -Math - Chapter 6. Lesson 6. Practice another math page.


    Day 3

    -Daily Weather Log

     -20 mintutes of reading. 

    -Write about your day and time off. What have you been doing? How are you feeling? Who are you with?

    -Activity - Play a board game, teach your monster, starfull

    -Math - Chapter 6. Lesson 7. Practice a math page


    Day 4

    -Daily Weather Log

    -20 minutes of reading. Write about the book in your journal. Did you like it? Why? What happened?Would you tell other people to read it?

    -Pick 10 sight words and write a sentence with each. 

    -See if you can think of your own Cause & Effect activity. Write about it after you do it and see what happens. 

    -Math - Chapter 7. Lessons 1 & 2. 


    Day 5

    -Daily Weather Log

    -20 minutes of reading. 

    -Free write and draw about anything you would like. 

    -Sentence Building Page

    -Activity - Play a game and write about it in your journal. 

    -Math - Chapter 7. Lessons 3 & 4


    Day 6

    -Daily Weather Log

    -20 minutes of reading. Respond to a book you read. Re-tell the story using words: First, Next, Then, Last.

    -Pick 4 pairs of rhyming words (8 total) and write sentences with each set. 

    -Math - Chapter 7. Lessons 5 & 6


    Day 7

    -Daily Weather Log

    -20 minutes of reading. Talk about how something you read reminds you about something from your life. 

    -Pick 10 sight words and write a sentence with each. 

    -Practice CVC, CVCE, CCVC words. (Activity - Shaving Cream in a bag, Play-doh, Scramble, etc. - practice writing your own CVC words)

    -Math - Chapter 7. Lessons 7 & 8.


    Day 8

    -Daily Weather Log

    -20 minutes of reading. 

    -Write about your favorite spring activity. What are you most ready for in spring?

    -Activity - Teach your monster to read/Starfall

    - Math - Chapter 7. Lessons 9 & 10. 


    **Remember to work on spacing, sounding out, punctuation, and re-reading when working on writing. 


    The following activites were sent home on March 16th for extra practice. This is the activites broken down for daily practice over the next 8 days. 

    CVC practice

    CVCE practice

    Short/Long Vowel Sort

    Short Vowel CVC

    Simple Reading Sentences

    Sentence Building

    Real and Nonsense Words

    Reading Responses

    Journals for Writing

    Subtraction Practice

    Addition Practice

    Skip Counting

    GoMath Practice Workbooks


    *Extra Ideas during this time

    Log a weather journal each day. Write, draw, and label. 

    Practice Sight Words from the list in your child's folder. Practice with chalk, sand, make cards, shaving cream, play-doh, gonoodle spelling, etc. 

    Daily Reading

    Have students write about books they read (opinion, summary, sequence)

    Go outside and write down the sights and sounds of spring. 

    Daily journal writing about their time off.