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    Elementary Music

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  • In our music classes we work at achieving

    the national and state standards for music education: 

    • Perform music 
      • Select, analyze and interpret music works
      • By singing, using instruments, and with movements
      • Express meaning through performing music
    • Create music - improvise music ideas
      • Generate new  musical ideas
      • Organize and develop music ideas
      • Refine (edit) and complete a music idea
    • Respond
      • Analyze music works
      • Interpret the intent and meaning of a musical work
      • Evaluate music works
    • Connect
      • Relate knowledge and personal experiences to the music studied
      • Relate music to cultures, society, and history
  • Music Mission 

    In music class, we will learn to read and appreciate different kinds of music by:

    • playing instruments
    • singing songs
    • listening and analyzing different music
    • creating music
    • playing singing games and music games
    • discussing and writing about music and interrelating other subjects