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    Elementary Music

    Have fun exploring the links to learn some more about music.

    Learn about some instruments and the story of Peter and the Wolf

    or The Carnival of the Animals by clicking some of the Listening links.


  • Keep learning is my motto these days! 

            I'm trying to learn how to play the ukulele so I can teach students how to play. What are you trying to learn these days?



    I hope you find some different ways to enjoy music through some of these sites and challenges.




    In music, we work at achieving

    the national and state standards for music education: 

    • Perform music 
      • Select, analyze and interpret music works
      • By singing, using instruments, and with movements
      • Express meaning through performing music
    • Create music - improvise music ideas
      • Generate new  musical ideas
      • Organize and develop music ideas
      • Refine (edit) and complete a music idea
    • Respond
      • Analyze music works
      • Interpret the intent and meaning of a musical work
      • Evaluate music works
    • Connect
      • Relate knowledge and personal experiences to the music studied
      • Relate music to cultures, society, and history