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Daily Plan



    May 18 - 22


    This week’s topic: Butterflies 


    We will review the different types of writing styles that we’ve learned this year (narrative, informational, opinion, & persuasive). 

    • Please continue to make writing goals for your child based on their needs as writers. Do they need work with spelling or “inventive spelling?” How is their sentence structure…are they spacing their words appropriately? Are they including necessary punctuation?


    I have included an attachment on my webpage under the tab “Math Review.” There are 5 pages. Each day I will assign that students do one page.


    Feel free to continue working with the Kindergarten popcorn words that I sent home at the beginning of the school closure. If your student needs or desires an extra challenge, they may begin working with the 1st grade sight words.


    Happy Learning!


    (It’s the last week!)




    • On, read/listen to the book “Flutter, Butterfly!” Draw the lifecycle of a butterfly (egg, caterpillar, pupa, butterfly). Use page 22-23 as a guide.
    • Pick 10 popcorn words OR 10 first grade sight words to focus on this week. Practice reading and writing those words using a fun way listed on my website page. 
    • Complete page 1 of the Math Review (located on the left hand side titled “Math Review).
    • Read 20 minutes. If reading independently, pick a fun spot to read! Under your bed, outside, etc. 



    • On, read/listen to the book “Mr. McGinty’s Monarchs.” What does the word “migrate” mean? Discuss with a family member.
    • Which do you prefer, frogs or butterflies? Write which animal you like the best and tell why you chose that animal. 
    • Complete page 2 of the math Review.
    • Read 20 minutes to yourself, a family member, or a stuffed animal.



    • On, read “Monarch Butterfly” by Gail Gibbons. Draw a picture of a monarch butterfly and label the following parts: head, legs, wings, and scales. Label more parts if you would like, you can use page 19 as a guide.
    • Practice the sight words chosen for this week.
    • Write a letter to a friend inviting them to a butterfly festival. Be sure to include the fun things that happen during a butterfly festival and why your friend should make plans to come join in on the fun!
    • Complete page 3 of the Math Review.
    • Read 20 minutes to yourself, a family member, or a stuffed animal. If the weather is nice, read outside! ☺



    • On, read “Creepy Crawlies: Moths.” After reading, compare and contrast moths and butterflies. How are they the same? How are they different? Write your answer.
    • Practice the 10 sight words chosen for this week.
    • Complete page 4 of the Math Review.
    • Read 20 minutes a day to yourself, a family member, or a stuffed animal. 



    • Freebie Friday! Pick a book to read. If can be on EPIC!, YouTube, Storyline Online, or a book that you already own. Write/discuss the character(s) and setting. Was there a problem in the story? If so, what was the solution?
    • Can you spell the sight words you chose on your own? Take a “pretend” spelling test!
    • Free Math Day! Choose your favorite way to practice math (cooking, board games, online games, etc.) 
    • Read 20 minutes a day to yourself, a family member, or a stuffed animal. 

    **Please make plans to come get your belongings from school between 10-12 or 4-6!


    Have a GREAT summer and KEEP READING! ☺


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