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  • hello friendWelcome friends! Listed below are the ways we will communicate and learn throughout the 2020-21 school year.  Don't worry, I will help you every step of the way!

    Website: Each teacher at our school has a classroom website.  You can find us by going to www.wcde.org and clicking on West View under the schools tab.  

    Google Classroom:  Your child will have their own email address and will use it to access our Google Classroom site.  Assignments, newsletters, and other information will be located here.  You will also use this site to turn in online work.  Our class code: vnd7rie.

    Google Meet: There will be times that we might need to meet online.  We will use Google Meet for online meetings.  After I schedule a meeting, I will then send you the code to use to join the meeting.  Link to watch how to set up and use Google Meet.

    Band app: Sign up at this link https://band.us/n/adad31bdQa0fC to join the Kindergarten Band app.  This will be the main way that Mrs. Street, our principal, will communicate with you.  We are looking for 100% participation.  

    Email: My email is: jarrettr@wcde.org 

School Supplies

  • Bitmoji ImageSupplies we use daily and the amount your child needs for the year: 

    ~ 10 glue sticks
    ~ 1 glue bottle
    ~ 4 packs of 24 count crayons
    ~ 24 yellow, wood pencils
    ~ Plastic pencil box
    ~ Marbled composition book
    ~ Primary writing journal
    ~ Regular size backpack
    ~ 4 3-prong folders (orange, blue, purple, green)

    Optional wish list:
    ~ Tissues
    ~ Clorox wipes
    ~ Hand sanitizer
    ~ Ziploc baggies - any size
    ~ Markers, coloring pencils
    ~ Expo dry erase markers

    ~ Erasers (cap or bar)
    ~ Construction paper

Our Learning

  • Bitmoji ImageOur Kindergarten Goals - by the end of the year, we can...

    ~ Read and write CVC words (examples: cat, hen, log)
    ~ Read a 'just right' book on a D level
    ~ Read at least 66 high frequency words
    ~ Orally retell a story listing: character, setting (where and when), events with a beginning, middle, and end; problem and solution
    ~ Read and interact with science and social studies texts

    ~ Write first and last name
    ~ Draw a recognizable picture
    ~ Write at least two sentences when writing: a journal piece, an informational piece, or a book review

    ~ Shapes (2D and 3D)
    ~ Counting, recognizing, and writing zero - 20
    ~ Comparing 0-20 using the words: more than, fewer than, equal to
    ~ Orally count to 100

    ~ Addition and subtraction to ten using counters, word problems, and equations

    ~ Work together with a group to complete a task at hand.
    ~ Work independently.

Daily Schedule

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    9:00 - ELA Google Meet

    9:38- Special classes:
    Monday: Library/Guidance
    Tuesday:  PE
    Wednesday: PE 
    Thursday:  Music

    Work on ELA assignments

    12:30 Math Google Meet

    Work on Math assignments

    RTI - work on letter of the day assignments

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