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  • hello friendWelcome friends! Listed below are the ways we will communicate and learn throughout the 2021-22 school year.  Don't worry, I will help you every step of the way!

    Newsletters: I will send home a weekly newsletter and there will also be a monthly school newsletter.

    Website: Each teacher at our school has a classroom website.  You can find us by going to www.wcde.org and clicking on West View under the schools tab.  

    Student email:  Your child will have their own email address.

    Band app: Sign up  to join the Kindergarten Band app.  This will be the main way that Mrs. Street, our principal, will communicate with you.  We are looking for 100% participation.  

    Email: My email is: jarrettr@wcde.org 

Daily Schedule

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     Our  Schedule

    8:00 School starts ~ Morning baskets, morning meeting
    8:30 ELA ~ Shared Read, Phonics, Read Aloud and Task
    9:38 ~ Special Classes
    10:30 ~ Writing Workshop
    11:05 - 11:30 ~ Lunch
    11:30 ~ Read Aloud
    11:40-11:55 ~ Recess
    11:55 - 12:55 ~ Math
    12:55 - 1:22 ~ Snack and afternoon baskets
    1:22 - 2:11 ~ RTI
    2:11 -2:40 ~ Math Practice
    2:40 - 3:00 ~ Afternoon Wrap Up

School Supplies

  • Bitmoji ImageSupplies we use daily and the amount your child needs for the year: 

    ~ 5 glue sticks
    ~ 1 glue bottle
    ~ 1 pair of scissors

    ~ 2 packs of 24 count crayons
    ~ 12 yellow, wood #2 pencils
    ~ Plastic pencil box
    ~ Marbled composition book
    ~ Primary writing journal (drawing space at the top with writing lines below)
    ~ Regular size backpack
    ~ 4 3-prong folders (blue, red, yellow, green)
    ~ Expo black dry erase markers

    Optional wish list:
    ~ Tissues
    ~ Ziploc baggies - any size
    ~ Markers, coloring pencils
    ~ Erasers (cap or bar)
    ~ Construction paper
    ~ Plastic spoons

Our Learning

  • Bitmoji ImageOur Kindergarten Goals - by the end of the year, we can...

    ~ Read and write CVC words (examples: cat, hen, log)
    ~ Read a 'just right' book on a D level
    ~ Read at least 66 high frequency words
    ~ Orally retell a story listing: character, setting (where and when), events with a beginning, middle, and end; problem and solution
    ~ Read and interact with science and social studies texts

    ~ Write first and last name
    ~ Draw a recognizable picture
    ~ Write at least two sentences when writing: a journal piece, an informational piece, or a book review

    ~ Shapes (2D and 3D)
    ~ Counting, recognizing, and writing zero - 20
    ~ Comparing 0-20 using the words: more than, fewer than, equal to
    ~ Orally count to 100

    ~ Addition and subtraction to ten using counters, word problems, and equations

    ~ Work together with a group to complete a task at hand.
    ~ Work independently.

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