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    Chorus will perform their winter concert on December 17th.

    Dress Code

    Ladies: red, green, or white top; black pants; black shoes

    Gentlemen: white, long-sleeve button up shirt; black pants; black shoes


    Be sure all outfits follow WV dress code!

    Please see the Chorus Program page to the left for music and the chorus contract.

Elementary PTO Programs

  • K-4th grades will be performing monthly PTO music programs 2019-2020 on the third Tuesday of the month. These dates are subject to change. This year's PTO programs will be...

    October 15th - TBA
    November 19th - TBA
    December 17th - Chorus & TBA
    February 18th - TBA
    March 17th - TBA
    May 19th - Chorus


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