Online Learning and Daily Assignments

  • *Read at least 20 minutes a day.  You may log your time on a sheet of paper.


     If you have access to the internet-


    * Log on to IReady!  You have lessons in ELA and Math

       If your browser isn't compatable with iready, please email me at

    * Log on to Reading A-Z. You may read a book and take a quiz

    *Don't forget Smarty Ants! 


    If you can't access the internet, we have learning packets available at the front door at school.  These are learning packets #1 (from before Spring Break).  Learning Packet #2 will be made available soon. 


      Wednesday, April 8

    Read on EPIC "Born in the Wild: Baby Animals".  Write a paragraph explaining how the mothers help the babies survive.



    Tuesday, April 7

    Today, read on EPIC, "Bats"".  Draw the life cycle of a bat and include labels for each stage of the cycle.  Write a paragraph describing how a bat's characteristics help it survive each stage.

    Go to and read an assigned story using inferences.


    Monday, April 6

    Read on EPIC, "What is a Lifecycle?" pages 4-5.  Write a paragraph explaining what a life cycle is and why is it important for animal survival.


    ReadWorks  - you have assigned passages on using inferences.

    (Our class code is SAWCDJ)


     Smarty Ants (username password Vols2020



    Class code WXV-0567

    (email me for log in information)


    Reading A-Z (my user name is khulse2)

    (password is wcde)


    I Ready ELA/Math



     Math shapes

    Wednesday, April 8

    Read "Fractions" by Penny Dowdy on EPIC and take the quiz at the end of the book.  Do the I-Ready lessons on fractions.


    Tuesday, April 7

    Listen to "What's a Fraction" on EPIC.  Draw a square and divide it into four equal parts.  Draw a circle and divide it into 2 equal parts.  Draw a rectangle and divide it into 3 equal parts.  Pick your favorite color and color in one part in each shape and label the fraction shown.

    Log on to I-Ready and work on some of the lessons assigned for fractions.


    Monday, April 6

    On BrainPop Jr., watch "Basic Parts of a Whole".  Go to Math, and then click Fractions.  Take both quizzes.  Now go to Write About It at the bottom and describe fractions you have seen or used. 



    Our username is washingtonwve and the password is brainpop.   


    Log on to IReady.  Work on some of the lessons that are assigned to you for fractions.

     Language type   

     Wednesday, April 8

    Write the following words and underline the root word or base word and write the definition of the words: beautiful, hopeful, spotless, helpful, and helpless

    Tuesday, April 7

    Go to EPIC and read "Ful, Less, er, and ness".  

    Next, do the I-Ready lesson "Determine Word Meanings Using Known Words and suffixes ful and less.  


    Monday, April 6

    Go to Epic and listen to the book "Happy Endings".  Make a list of words with suffixes ly, ing, ful, and less.



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    Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams


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  • Please read your baggy book every night!