• Ms. French's Classroom


        During the time that school is closed, you will find daily assignments listed at the bottom of this page.  As work is completed put it in your blue school folder and bring it to school when we return.

    ***Student Learning Packets are available at the front doors of West View.


    Check Dojo for a Newsletter and messages from me.


     Also check out the websites for P.E., Music, Art, and Library they will also have activities that you can do.

    ***The Tennessee Department of Education is partnering with PBS stations across the state to offer 1st-8th grade students up to 30 hours of standards-aligned instructional lessons per week during times of COVID-19 school closures. 

                  2nd Grade Lessons are on Mondays and Thursdays. 

                  Reading Lesson is 12:00 pm 

                  Math Lesson is 12:30pm


                    Welcome Backimage !

Helpful Links

School Closing Work

  • What to do each day:

    Read at least 20 minutes and log books on 25 book list.  If you have lost your list just start another list on a piece of paper.


    Log on to iready and complete lessons in reading and math.

    https://login.i-ready.com/  login information is taped in folder


    Each day log on to reading a-z and read a book and take a quiz.

     https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login   username bfrench7


    https://playhtml5.smartyants.com/       username petersonb@wcde.org  password Vols2222

      https://www.getepic.com/     The class code for Epic is kyt9385

     https://jr.brainpop.com/ username:  washingtonwve  password:  brainpop 

    Check out Mrs. Barnwell reading books

    https://youtu.be/jac_HTnwzgI  https://youtu.be/aDhbInZJHIE   https://youtu.be/aDhbInZJHIE


    Wednesday, April 8       ( If you missed any of this week's lessons go to the School Closing Work tab.)

    Reading        Science    Reading and Science-  Go to EPIC and read Born in the Wild: Baby Animals.  https://www.getepic.com/     The class code for Epic is kyt9385.   Write a paragraph explaining how the mothers help the babies survive.

         Go to https://readWorks.org to read assigned stories using inferences.  Class code GGP6YU Password is 1234

      Math Math- Read Fractions by Penny Dowdy on EPIC.  https://www.getepic.com/     The class code for Epic is kyt9385.  Take the quiz at the end of the book.  Log on to i-ready and work on some of the lessons assigned for fractions.  
    Grammar Language- Write the following words and underline the root word or base word and write the definiton of the words:  beautiful, hopeful, spotless, helpful, helpless.
     If you would like to show support to our first responders and healthcare workers on the frontline by writing letters of encouragement.  Letters can be dropped off at school on the days of food distribution. I have also listed a few additional options below. 
    The letters can be mailed to:
    4724 Lake Park Drive
    Johnson City, TN 37615.
    Letters can also be dropped off at ETSU on April 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. The location will be the first floor parking garage.