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    Mr. Yarber's suggestions for art class during school closing:

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    Any type of drawing, coloring, painting, etc. is a form of artistic practice. This practice not only helps relieve stress, but also keeps the mind sharp. If weather permits, and you dont live in a crowded area, try drawing outside in the sunshine. If you do live in a crowded area or weather dosen't cooperate, a window will work just fine.  You can draw trees, flowers, or even landscapes with your favorite drawing media or whatever you have at your disposal. For those of you who have full internet access I am including some links to art lessons online for your artistic practice. These sites are free. I will be updating links daily via Twitter during school closing as I find fun, free online art lessons. Lastly stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands, and avoid crowds. I hope to see all of you back in my class soon, healthy and smiling.


    The two links below have hunderesds of fun art lessons for all ages.





    The link below is a Forbes article which has the links to major art museums around the world, which are offering free virtual tours of museums. You might have to put up with some ads, but it's a great resouce, nonetheless. Enjoy!
































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