• Welcome!!!

    Mrs. Carson's Class

    First Grade

  • My name is Sharon Carson.  It is going to be a fun and exciting time in first grade this year! I look forward to seeing you soon in Room 107.


Classroom Supply List

  • 1st grade classroom supply list: marble composition books (2), one subject spiral composition books (2), two-pocket folder with prongs (2), small school box, crayons (24 count), #2 pencils, pencil erasers (cap or chunk), glue sticks, primary scissors (blunt tip), dry erase markers, tissues, resealable baggies (snack, gallon), baby/disinfectant wipes


School Mission Statement

  • The mission of Sulphur Springs School, in partnership with all stakeholders, is to provide a safe environment where students can learn skills, values, and attitudes to ultimately become productive members of society.

School Vision Statement

  • The vision of Sulphur Springs School is to be a learning community that provides all students with the tools necessary to reach their personal and academic potential.