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    Mrs. Carson's Class

    First Grade

  •  Seuss Covid



    Report Cards will be distributed on Friday, May 22, 2020



    Report Card Pick-up Schedule

     9:00 Kindergarten
     10:00 1 st Grade
     11:00 2 nd Grade
     12:00 3 rd Grade
     1:00 4 th Grade
     2:00 5 th Grade
     3:00 6 th Grade
     4:00 7 th Grade
     5:00 8 th Grade


     Please have your child’s car rider tag or a large sign with your child’s name on it on your front
    dashboard on passenger side.
     No one should exit the vehicle at any time.
     We will be wearing masks and gloves for your protection.
     We will have any personal items that belong to your child in a bag with your child’s name listed.
     Please follow the schedule. If you arrive early, park in the parking lot in front of school and wait for your
    child’s grade level to begin distribution.
     You may contact your child’s teacher via email if you have more than one child and want to arrange
    one pick up time.





     Field day will be on Tuesday, May 19th. Check out these activities that you can try at home.


    You can also go to Coach Fox or Quall's page to see more information about field day.








    If you have questions, please contact me at carsons@wcde.org.


School Vision Statement

  • The vision of Sulphur Springs School is to be a learning community that provides all students with the tools necessary to reach their personal and academic potential.

  • Hello! My name is Sharon Carson. It is going to be a fun and exciting year in first grade. I look forward to seeing you in Room 107!


School Mission Statement

  • The mission of Sulphur Springs School, in partnership with all stakeholders, is to provide a safe environment where students can learn skills, values, and attitudes to ultimately become productive members of society.