6th & 7th grade MATH

  • Mrs. Pugh :)


    WELCOME BACK FROM SPRING BREAK!  I hope that the nice weather and change of pace were refreshing.  

    Now let's see what we remember!   I will be using Google Classroom for students to access and submit assignments.  If you cannot access the Google Classroom, please email me.   Students should also use their Get More Math accounts for additional problems to work through.  Students, please apply yourself, see what you can do, then move on.  Don't stress - just give it your best!

    New information and work packets will be available for students to pick up at school on Tuesday, April 7th  and Thursday, April 9th, between 9:00am and 12:00noon.  New instructional packets will be available the following week, following the same time schedule.  

    Remember to check the wcde.org website as well as the Sulphur Springs website for other updates about food distribution and other information.   

     Please email me (pughr@wcde.org) to let me know how you're doing and if there's anything you have a question or concern about!!!  I really appreciate hearing from you!






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    The Journey Begins Here...

    at the Springs!

    Welcome!  I hope that you find this website useful.   If you need to contact me, use the Email Sarah Squibb page from this website, (squibbs@wcde.org) or you may call the school to schedule an appointment.  753-1140

    My planning period is 7:45-8:25. 


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  • Monday - Art
    Tuesday - Libray 
    Wednesday - Music
    Thursday - PE
    Friday - PE

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    Grades K-4  1:30 - 2:30

    Grades 5-8 3:00-4:00

    Please observe our morning traffic procedures by using the car rider line beginning from Bayless Road enter from the rear of the school. No traffic can enter the front .  All students should be in the building by 7:30.  If you arrive after 7:30 (car rider back doors will be locked), please enter through the front main door.   It is necessary for each student be in attendance to class (on time) and to be attentive. .

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Supply List

  • School Supply List For SQUIBB'S MATH CLASS for 2019-20

    Items needed for every student in my MATH CLASS

    Notebook paper


    Composition book for interactive notebook (hard cover)

    Overall classroom wish list (optional)

    3 ring binder for Math notes only

    Colored pencils

    Glue sticks


    Tissues for the class

    Clorox wipes

    Windex (to clean whiteboards)

    Paper Towels (to clean whiteboards)


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