• Welcome to Music!

    Here at Sulphur Springs, music is an important part of your student's quality education.  
    This is why your student will be given many opportunities to benefit from learning music throughout the school year within music class, performance groups and performance opportunities.
    Your support is SO valuable and necessary for success! Without you, your students won't have the resources they need to benefit from learning music. Everything you do to support the music program at Sulphur Springs School is greatly appreciated! 

    What to Expect
    The best learning comes not from just hearing instruction, but doing certain actions as a process of learning. As a result, the music program hinges on participation. My expectation as that every child participate and give effort as able.
    • Your student will be asked to participate in EVERY lesson.
    • Your student will be asked to participate in music groups.
    • Your student will be asked to participate in performances. 

    Your student can't participate without YOUR support! Organizing rides, scheduling performances on your calendar, and encouraging music at home are just a few things you can do.

    Please partner with me in modeling awesome participation!