• Welcome back to school....virtually!

    We know that you are experiencing a new way of beginning school...and so are we. Your teachers have been preparing for you and want to help you in any way needed. We will work together to make the year a great experience and hope that we can be in the classroom together soon. 

    Everyone has lots of questions...so attached is a Middle School Expectations for Virtual Learning Google Doc with information that will help guide you for beginning the year. 

    Middle School Expectations for Virtual Learning


    Please make sure to check your email daily for updates. You need to check your homeroom Google Classroom every day and complete the attendance by 8:25am-8:30am. (If you are unable to check in at that time...make sure to complete the attendance form when it is possible!)

  • Keep on Sciencing!

    Check Google Classroom for science daily assignments in the form of video links,  educational opportunities (games), experiments, and more! Make sure to mark the sections you view as DONE!

    Stay healthy...Stay Safe!!!!! 

    Google Classroom codes (if needed)

    8th Grade Science : ckm5olk
    8th Science 2020-2021

    7th Grade Science: hbm3ocd
    7th Science 2020-2021

    6th Grade Science: hq3fiou

    6th Science 2020-2021



Mrs. O'Neal's Schedule

  • 7:35-7:40AM Homeroom 8th Grade 
    7:40-8:25AM 1st period Planning
    8:25-9:15AM 2nd period 8th Science
    9:15-10:05AM 3rd period 6th Science
    10:05-10:55AM 4th period 7th Science

    (Lunch 11:28-11:53)

    5th period 7th Science


    6th period RTI2
    Ext Learning
    12:55-1:45PM 7th period 8th Science 
    1:45-2:35PM 8th period 6th Science



Sulphur Springs Mission

  • The vision of Sulphur Springs School is to be a learning community that provides all students with the tools necessary to reach their personal and academic potential.
    The mission of Sulphur Springs School, in partnership with all stakeholders, is to provide a safe environment where students can learn skills, values, and attitudes to ultimately become productive members of society.