• "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." - Socrates
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    5th/7th/8th Grade Science

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8th Grade Science

7th Grade Science

  • Ready to see what's happening in 7th grade science???
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    What is NOT science?

FLL Robotics Team

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5th Grade Science


    Explore the Universe from the very small to the very large in 5th grade science!

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Mrs. O'Neal's Schedule

  • 7:35-7:40AM Homeroom 8th Grade 
    7:40-8:25AM 1st period Planning
    8:25-9:15AM 2nd period 8th Science
    9:15-10:05AM 3rd period 7th Science
    10:05-10:55AM 4th period 8th Science

    (Lunch 11:28-11:53)

    5th period 7th Science


    6th period 7th ELA
    Ext Learning
    12:55-1:45PM 7th period 5th Science 
    1:45-2:35PM 8th period 5th Science



Parent Information: An Overview of Lexiles

  • Lexiles represent a measure of students' reading ability and can be used to help parents choose books and materials that are at an appropriate difficulty level for students. For the first time, TCAP Individual Profile Reports (IPRs) for English/Language arts in grades 3-8 and 10 include Lexile measures for both 2012-13 and 2011-12 (if available). The 2012-13 TCAP IPRs were shipped to districts in mid-June, and were made available online the week of July 15. The document linked here along with the Lexile Maps here and here are being provided to districts as optional resources to help parents and students use student reading levels to choose appropriate texts. The department has also posted this information on TNCore.org.

Sulphur Springs Mission

  • The vision of Sulphur Springs School is to be a learning community that provides all students with the tools necessary to reach their personal and academic potential.
    The mission of Sulphur Springs School, in partnership with all stakeholders, is to provide a safe environment where students can learn skills, values, and attitudes to ultimately become productive members of society.