Enjoy your summer break! This was not a typical school year,but take time to celebrate our successes.  Continue to read throughout the summer.  Splash Math is also still available if you want to work on those math skills on a rainy day.




    Update for May 18: At Home Field Day is May 19! We will have our last zoom meeting on Tuesday. Please remember to pick up report cards and school items on Friday, May 22. 


    Reading: Please continue reading throughout the summer in preparation for 1st grade! Also, review sight words. 

    Phonics: New phonics papers have been added for you to use this week.

    Math: Continue using Splash Math as a resource. This should be available throughout the summer if you want to use it a fun review on rainy days.  







    Update for May 11:  Keep going!  We are almost to the end of the year so be sure to finish strong! At Home Field Day is May 19!  We will have another zoom meeting this Friday.


    Reading: Keep reading for at least 20 minutes per day.  Remember you can access leveled readers on your child's Benchmark Universe shelf.  Let me know if you need more books.  Now would be a great time to review the sight word list.  

    Phonics: New phonics papers have been added to my website.  These are a great way to review sounding out words and letter sounds.  

    Writing: Write about favorite kindergarten memories- favorite kindgarten celebration - field trip, Thanksgiving Pizza Party, Christmas Party,Valentine's Ice Cream Social.

    Math: Several activities were added to Splash Math for this week.  Just continue working at your own pace.  






    Update for May 4:  I am so excited to see all the progress you are making with Splash Math and your bookshelves on Benchmark!  Keep up the awesome work!  We will have another Zoom meeting this Friday.  I will send more information later.  Please let me know if you need anything. 

    Reading:  Keep reading for 20 minutes each day!  Extending Learning Activity: Read Going to Town with Mom and Dad on "lessons" bookshelf.  Questions to ask your child: 1. How did the boy and his mom and dad get to town? (answer: in the car). 2.  What did the boy do at the barber shop? (answer: got his hair cut).  3.  Why did the family go to the dry cleaner? (answer: to take out the clothes).  4.  What is this book mostly about? (answer: places in town where people go). 5.  Why do you think the author wrote this book?  (answer: to show that there are many places and things to do in towns). 

    Phonics: I have added new phonics pages on the phonics link.  There is a list of words for your child to practice reading and some other pages to practice letters and sounds.  You can print these out or just talk about them with your child. 

    Writing: Keep writing 2-3 sentences each day to prepare for first grade writing. As we start this last month of kindergarten, your child could write about some of their favorite kindergarten memories. (write about friends, teachers, art class, gym, library,)

    Math: Continue using Splash Math throughout the week.  I will continue to add more lessons as needed. 





    Update for April 27:  I hope you are still trying your best to do a little learning each day!  I have so enjoyed seeing some of your smiling faces on our Zoom meetings.  We will have another one later this week.  I also added a new section on my website that is titled "Butterfiles".  This section has pictures of our little butterfly project.  You can look at the pictures to see how are caterpillars have changed so far.  We should have butterflies soon!  Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need any help.  


    Reading: Continue reading each day.  Extended Learning Activity for the week: Read Across the Seasons on the "lessons" bookshelves in Benchmark Universe.  Questions to ask your child: 1.What kind of day was it for swimming? (answer: hot)  2.  To go pick apples, the children put on _______.  (answer: jackets)  3.  Why did the children put on their boots? pags 2-4 (answer: it was a wet).  4.  What is this book mostly about?  (answer: It is about how people dress at different times of the year) 5.  What can you tell about the weather when the kids go skating? (answer: it is cold because they are wearing hats and mittens).  

     Phonics: I have added 4 new phonics pages out there for you to use throughout the week.  The first one is a list of words for your child to practice sounding out and reading.  The rest are pages you can use to practice sounds.  These pages are located under "Phonics Papers" on my website. 

    Writing:  Writing 2-3 sentences independently is a skill needed in first grade.  Continue writing about different topics during the week.  Write about your reading or things that interest you.  Are you an expert on a particular topic?  Do you know facts about farming, insects, a particular animal, or place?  Write about it!

    Math: Continue working on Splash Math.  There are several lessons out there to pick from.  I added some 1st grade content if you are looking for something a little more challenging.  





    Update for April 20: I am sad to learn that we won't be coming together in the classroom again this year, but we can continue to stay connected in different ways. I loved seeing some of your smiling faces on Zoom. We will plan another one of those soon!  I am so proud of your success with Splash Math.  Our class has answered 5,612 questions!  Keep up the good work.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.  

    Reading: Continue reading for at least 20 minutes each day.  Extended Learning Activity for the week: Read My Five Seasons on the "lessons" bookshelf.  Questions: 1.What does the word "senses" mean in this book? (answer: see, hear, smell, taste, touch)  2.What sense does the girl use on page 4? (answer: smell) 3.What does she smell? (answer:flower), 4.What are all the children in the book doing? (answer: using their senses) 5. This book is mostly about? (answer: kids using their five senses), 6.Why did the author write this book? (answer: to show us that people use their five senses every day), 7.Why did the author end the book with a question? (answer: the author wants you to think about if animals use senses)

    Phonics: I added a new section on my website called "Phonics Papers".  If you are on a computer, please click on the link on the left of this page.  It will show you 3 papers.  The first paper is a list of words for your child to practice sounding out and reading.  The second page has sentences that contain rhyming words.  If possible, you can print the paper for your child to complete.  If not, just have your child read the sentences, pick out the two words that rhyme, and draw a picture on a separate piece of paper.  The third page has missing letters in each word for your child to fill in or tell you the answer. 

     Writing: Please continue to encourage your child to write each day. This writing can be about anything.  The important thing is that your child writes a couple of sentences. Make this fun!  Let them write about something they are interested in like dinosaurs, puppies, unicorns, butterflies. Other Writing Ideas: write a letter to a cousin, friend, grandparent, or your teacher- (this could be worked on for several days), write about  something special your family has done during this school closure (played games together, watched a movie, had a picnic in the yard, birthday parade)

    Math: Continue using Splash Math.  I am so proud of your hard work.  I added a new activity on measurement. 






    Update for April 13: I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Be sure to check out some fun and easy learning activities that I added to my page.  Click on the link named "At Home Learning".   New paper packets will be available this week on Tuesday/Thursday from 9:00-Noon.  Some parents have inquired about turning in the completed work packets. If you would like to turn those back in, totes will be available outside the gym lobby doors.  Please write your child's name, teacher's name and grade level on the packet before placing it in the tote.  I am also hoping to do a Zoom meeting with the students Friday afternoon.  I will send information to you. 


    Reading: Please continue reading at least 20 minutes a day. You can continue to utilize the leveled reader bookshelves on Benchmark Universe.  I am happy to see that many of the students have already read several books on their bookshelves.  Please let me know if you need more books added.  My main goal for the students is just to read every day.  If you want to extend your child's learning a bit, I am adding the book See the Wind Blow! to the library under the bookshelf labeled "Lessons".  After reading the book, you can ask your child the following questions.     1. According to this book, what can the wind break? (answer: umbrella) 2.  The wind can make the boat go _______. (answer:fast) 3.  Clothes dry because __________.(answer: the wind blows the clothes)  4.  We see the sun come out because __________. (answer: the wind blows the clouds away) 5.  What is the book mainly about? (things the wind can do)  6.  This books contains several examples of cause and effect.  Can you tell two examples of cause and effect from the book? 


    Writing:  Please encourage your child to write 2-3 sentences each day.  There are a few writing ideas on the "At Home Learning" link. Writing ideas:  continue journaling about what you do during the school closure, write about a book you read, describe your favorite animal(size, color, features, what does it eat) , describe your favorite food (color, texture, sweet, sour).  


    Math: Wow!  You all are really moving along with Splash Math!  I am so proud!  I added a few more activites to Splash Math for this week (addition, subtraction, teen numbers, and comparing numbers).  


    As always, please let me know if you need any help during this school closure.  Thank you for your support throughout these strange times.  We will get through this together! 






    Update for April 6: I hope you enjoyed Spring Break! Please continue to try your best to complete these activities at home. Continually working on reading,writing and math at home will keep your skills sharp, and keep you prepared for when we return to school.  

    Reading:  Please read for at least 20 minutes each day.  I have set up bookshelves for each student on You should have received your child's User Name and Password from me.  If you have internet access, this gives your child access to books on his/her level.  I have put several book options and levels out there for each student.  Remember that the goal is to be reading level D by the end of kindergarten. My suggestion is to pick one book from the bookshelf and work on it for a few days until your child can read it fluently (this means he/she can read the book with no help at a steady pace).  You can also continue using Teach Your Monster to Read- this is a great tool that reviews letters, sounds, blends and words. 

    Writing:  If possible, have your child write at least 2-3 sentences daily.  Don't stress about each word being spelled correctly.  Your child should strive to spell our 42 sight words correctly and simple words like cat, big, get.  This writing can vary each day to keep them interested.  Here is a possible schedule. Monday: Write about what you did over the weekend.  Tuesday: Write about the book you read (did you like the book, what happened in the book, what was the book about). Wednesday: Weather Journal (write about the weather: hot, cloudy, rainy, and what you see outside because of the weather.) Thursday: Write a How- To book telling how to make or do something (making chocolate milk, making cookies, the steps to wash your hands, the steps to brush your teeth). Friday: Write a made up story about anything that you like. (be sure to have a character and a setting in your story)

    Math: Please continue using Splash Math to review addition and subtraction.  I am not adding anything to Splash Math this week because I see that everyone is still working on the activities that I added before and I don't want it to becoming overwhelming. You can also have your child solve simple math problems (2+6, 8+2, 5+3, 9-2, 5-3, 7-4)

    In addition to these suggestions, please continue to review the sight words with your child at least a few times a week.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you are struggling with any of these activities or if you need more or different activities for your child to work on.  I am happy to get resources together to meet your child's needs. 

    I would also love to see what my kiddos are doing.  A few parents have sent me pictures  of their children learning, writing, reading, or enjoying the outdoors during this school closure.  This is by no means a requirement, but feel free to send me these if you like. I miss seeing them all in the classroom each day! I would also like to maybe do a virtual class meeting so everyone can see and hear their classmates.  More information will be sent.





    Update for March 30-April 3: Enjoy Spring Break!  Spend time with your family and relax.  We are working on some exciting things for after SPRING BREAK.  A new paper work packet will also be available AFTER the break- more information to come. 




    Update for March 23: Continue reading with your child for at least 20 minutes each day.  After reading, have your child write a couple of sentences about the book that was read (who was in the book, what happened, where did the story take place, did they like the book).  I have added a couple of subtraction activities on Splash Math.  Continue using Teach Your Monster to Read and Splash Math. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about these activities or if you need passwords.  





    During this time of school closure, we are working to continue our learning by giving you access to things that can be worked on at home.  At the left of this page, you will find different links that you can use to help your child until we return to school.  This information will be updated periodically.  Please continue to read with your child at least 20 minutes every night, and have your child read to you.  Please contact me at if you have any questions about activities I post.  


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