• Mrs. Tibble's ELA Class

    and Mrs. Scott's Math Class

    Fourth Grade

    All links can be found on Mr. Phillips's webpage.

  • I want to wish everyone a great Spring Break!  Take care of yourselves and stay healthy!


    A new scholastic link has been added to symbaloo under ELA.  When we first sent out this information, the username and password did not seem to be working.  We believe it is now available.

    username:  Learning20

    password:  Clifford




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  • Readworks.org is ready for your child to begin using it.  I have assigned several articles.  I do NOT expect your child to complete all assignments.  I wanted to offer some choice in what they were reading, so I added several to choose from.

    Go to readworks.org
    Click student log-in
    Enter class code TXJFKD
    Find student's name and click on it.
    Your password is 1234.  You may change your password before logging in.
    Complete assignments at your own pace and select those that look most interesting to you.

    I will be checking in on what is submitted.  I would recommend discussing your child's answers with them before they submit their answers.  They will get more from your conversation about their answer then simply answering the questions.

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  • Fourth Grade Homework


    The best thing you can do to help your child at home is read to them and with them three or four times (or more) each day. Reading your mail, the newspaper, a recipe as you make it, or their favorite books will help them see how reading is and will forever be a part of their daily lives.  When reading a fictional book, focus on what motivates the character and what stands in the characters way.  You also need to question about the setting.  The setting is more than when and where.  It is everything around the character like the weather.

    I would love to hear about research projects they worked on while they were out.  They may research any topic they would like and write an informational essay and/or an opinion essay about it.  They can present these when we return.

    Please read for 20 minutes each night and complete a response.  Responses can be completed on loose leaf paper or typed.  At the top of the page list the title of the book or article you are reading and date it.  You can turn these in when we return to school for a special treat.  If you choose to do a research project, taking notes as you research counts as a response.
    Dates to read and complete responses:  3/18, 3/19, 3/23, 3/24, 3/25, 3/26

    Explore the ELA links that are available on Symbaloo on Mr. Phillips webpage. 


    Khan Academy(See link on the side of the page.)

    Explore math links that are available on Symbaloo.

    Practice multiplication facts. flash cards, card games, memory, etc

    Work on IXL or Prodigy.

    You can practice 4-digit up to 6-digit addition and subtraction.  You can also practice 4-digit by 1-digit multiplication, 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication, and long division. Fourth Grade only goes up to 4-digit dividends and 1-digit divisors. For example, 5,234 divided by 3 would be appropriate for fourth graders. It is okay to practice these using the standard algorithms(the way we learned it in school).  They are expected to understand different solution paths, but it is still beneficial to practice it the way you know how to do it while we are out.

    You can find all links on Mr. Phillips's Webpage.

    Science/Social Studies

    Create an ABC quilt on the Civil War.

    Explore science and social studies links that are available on Symbaloo. 

    Explore Keep Kids Learning link on Symbaloo.

    You can find all links on Mr. Phillips's webpage in his Symbaloo.


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