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    Week of April 6 - 10
    Please check your class Remind messages to see how to access this week's lessons

    Wednesday, April 8Day 20 - Wednesday, April 8 2020 - Where’s Waldo?
    Waldo was always on crowded places. Now nobody can go out... So, where do you think he is?

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    Tuesday, April 7 Day 19 - Tuesday, April 7 2020 - Saudade
    A feeling of longing, melancholy or nostalgia. Origin: Portuguese.
    Are you missing something or someone?
    Mix drawing, painting or collage.

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    Monday, April 6 - Day 18 - Monday, April 6 2020 - Paper cut-out
    Create a collage with paper cut-out. Use colored paper or paint paper with gouache and cut it. Inspiration: Henri Matiss

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    Week of March 30 - 3

    Sunday, April 5 - Day 17- Sunday, April 5, 2020 - Book Cover
    Create a cover for a book you loved in your childhood.

    No photo description available. 

    Saturday, April 4 - Day 16 - Saturday, April 4 2020 - Plans
    Did you have any plans that got cancelled because of the Coronavirus? Or any important date you couldn’t celebrate?
    I hope you can do that soon!

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    Friday, April 3 - Day 15 - Friday, April 3 2020 - Kind Notes Jar
    Draw a glass jar and fill it up with positive words or images.

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    Thursday, April 2 - Writing Day 14 - Thursday, April 2 2020 - Calm
    What are the things that make you feel calm?
    You can draw some things or pick one...

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    Wednesday, April 1 Writing Day 13 - Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 - April Fools’ Day
    It’s a day to play a prank on someone. Use your creativity without harming anyone.
    (Last night I saw some UFOs!)

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    Tuesday, March 31 Writing Day 9 - March 31, 2020 - FOOD
    Eating well is very important to stay healthy.
    What did you eat yesterday?

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    Monday, March 30 Writing Day 8 - March 30, 2020 - Superhero
    If you were a superhero who would you save now? What’s your super power?

    day 8

    Sunday, March 29Writing Day 7 - March 29, 2020 - Faith
    Create a beautiful image + Write the words: HAVE FAITH.
    Add some sparkle with glitter, stickers, etc.

    Saturday, March 28 - Writing - Day 6 - March 28, 2020 - Seasons.
    A new Season started last week... Is it Spring or Fall in your country?
    Create a pattern inspired by this Season.

    Week of March 23 - 27

    Friday, March 27 - Read 20 minutes
                               Writing - Day 5 - March 26, 2020 - Toilet Paper
    Why do you think in some places people bought all the toilet paper? To make Halloween costumes?
    Imagine a fun use for the toilet paper at someone’s home..

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                                Math Video Lesson pages 597 #1-7 & 598 #1-6
                                Science Question #1-10 on page 70.  Write the question(sentence) and make sure the answer is underlined.
                               Social Studies  Hernando DeSoto WebQuest if not finished.

                              Remember: next week is Spring Break so there will be no work posted next week.  I may post some videos or host a Google meet or something, you know me...ya never know!  I will post a topic for your Journal each day if you would like to continue those.  You are not required to, I just think this would be a cool thing to look back at one day.  GET OUTSIDE on your break!  The weather is beautiful and I hope it will be next week too.  Sunshine kills germs!  We are planning a Bigfoot hunt. WooHoo!  Stay safe "meine kleinen Kohlkopfe"! -you'll have to tell your parents what that means in German. ;)  Remember:  who loves you?  Meeeeeeeee!!!!!!


    It was so good to see everyone and talk to everyone last night!  We will definitely have to do that again soon!

    Thursday, March 26Read 20 minutes
                                    ELA IXL W.8 (Prefixes and Suffixes)
                                    Writing DAY 4 - Monday, March, 23 2020 - FEAR Are you scared? What are you feeling?
    Make a drawing to express your feeling OR Get inspired by the painting “The Scream”, from artist Edvard Munch.

    No photo description available.

                                     Math Video Lesson 10.6 Measure Length p.595 and 596 #2-5
                                     Science Chapter 1 Lesson 4 Read pages 60-66
                                     Social Studies Hernando DeSoto WebQuest - again it's easier to print this first



    Wednesday, March 25Read 20 minutes
                                       ELA  IXL W.7 (determine the meaning of a word with a suffix - review)
                                       Writing - Day 3 - Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - FAMILY PORTRAIT
    - Fill up a page with your family portraits (try to draw them).
    - Add nice frames, as if they were on a wall
    No photo description available.

                                        Math - IXL T.5 - Write Times
                                        Science - Science Book - Read Ch. 1 Lesson 3 - Resources in the Environemnt p. 48-56
                                        Social Studies - Christopher Columbus Webquest
       ***We will have a Google Meet tonight @ 7! Check back this afternoon for login information!!!***
                                                  Can't wait to see everyone!!! I miss you!


    Tuesday, March 24Read 20 minutes
                                  ReadWorks/Science - Magic Tomatoes, article and questions
                                  Writing - Quarantine Journal - Day 2 - Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - MOVIE REVIEW
    Draw + Write about a movie you watched recently (in one page).
    - Title
    - Favorite character
    - Was it 😃😢😱?
    - Did you 👍 or 👎 ?
    - Where does it take place?
    - Rate it: ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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                                  Math - video lesson   complete p.589 #1-3 and p. 590 #1-6
                                  Social Studies - Christopher Columbus WebQuest use same login as for math videos  This may take 2 or 3 days.  That's ok.  Don't try to do this all at one time. :)  I would suggest printing it out before starting to look for answers.
                                  Other - "No Excuse" Words - practice some of these 
                                              words every day.


    Monday, March 23 - Read 20 minutes
                                 Writing - I found an activity that we are going to try and I think will be very meaningful for our students. Basically I am asking kids to keep a journal of what is happening during the COVID-19 Pandemic, thereby creating a primary source of their experience. History is being made right now and by recording their experiences, students are documenting history!  I think this will be something they can look back on years from now with their kids and grandkids and say " I remember when we couldn't leave our houses..."
                                 Day 1 - March 23, 2020 - Draw! Where would you like to be now if everything was normal? Spend some time drawing a beautiful place and who would be there with you...
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                                 Math - video lesson (see Remind for login info).
                                            Be kind and patient...this way of learning is
                                            new for me too. :)  Parents, you will need to
                                            help students through today's assignment. :)
                                 Science - Mystery Doug Video 
                                 Other - "No Excuse" Words - practice some of these 
                                              words every day.
                                             Students are welcome to work on their
                                             "Lost Colony of Roanoke" WebQuest Project!!!



    Week of March 16 - 20

    Monday, March 16 - Math pages 583-584

    Wednesday, March 18 - Read 20 minutes
                                                     ELA IXL W.4 (suffixes)
                                                     Math IXL T.6 (Elapsed Time)
                                                     Science Book - Read Chapter 1 Lesson 1 pages 26-31
                                                     "No Excuse" Words - (there is a tab on the left of this page) 
                                                     Practice some of these words each day. 
                                                     Mastery is expected on all words by the end of the year.

    Thursday, March 19 - Read 20 minutes
                                   ELA IXL W.5 (suffixes)
                                   Math IXL T.8 (Elapsed Time Word Problems)
                                   Science - ReadWorks Article "Mrs. Johnson's Plant Experiment
                                                 (Link is on the class Symbaloo below)
                                                 Class Code to Login is CHV7TF  Password 1234
                                                 "No Excuse" Words
                                   Students are welcome to work on their "Lost Colony of Roanoke"
                                                 WebQuest Project!!!

    Friday, March 20 - One week down!  Hopefully I will get to see you guys after Spring Break!
    Read 20 minutes
                               ELA IXL W.6 (suffixes)
                               Math - Freckle for 20 minutes :)
                                         I have added Freckle to the Symbaloo (the pig) and the class
                                         code is 32ZF89 (not that you guys don't know it by heart) :D
                               Science - Check back for a video - It's Friday!  That means
                               Students are welcome to work on their "Lost Colony of Roanoke" 
                                                 WebQuest Project!!!
                               Also, I have put ALL of our previous spelling units back on 
                                  Spelling City so you can practice those. ;)
              Guys - I know that this is new and challenging to do "school" this way, but
                        I am really proud of you and we can do this because YOU are THE
                        BEST CLASS EVER!!!  Hang in there. Enjoy time with your families! 
                        I miss you and love you all!!!
                                                                    Have a great weekend!

    Science Experiment 1

    Science Experiment 2



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