• Welcome to Sulphur Springs School. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing our students with the very best learning experiences and opportunities. We have long recognized that our children must be prepared as they transition to each grade level k-12 and beyond. In order to best serve our students, we provide everyone in the building with high expectations for their learning and deep engagement in every classroom. 


    S2 STEAM Leaders are Empowered to Solve Problems is our school-wide vision statement. This means we encourage everyone in the building to be a leader, and we feel as though students should be empowered to solve problems. We have trust in our students; we provide them with regular and attainable goals; we encourage creativity; we provide resources beyond students' reach; we appreciate new ideas; we have a purpose; we support growth opportunities; we have a culture of shared responsibilities, and we encourage teamwork and partnerships. 


    Thank you for choosing Sulphur Springs School and allowing our team to work with your children each day. Together, we will all continue to lead this wonderful school.