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October 2017 Music Program

Important Announcements

  • Welcome back, students! I'm looking forward to a fantastic 2018-19 year in music at South Central! All students will have the opportunity to participate in a musical performance. Please stay tuned for more detailed information on upcoming music programs. This year's tentative program schedule will be as follows:

    Grades 1st & 2nd in October

               3rd & 4th in December

               5th & 6th in March

               Kindergarten in April

               7th & 8th in May (Talent Showcase)

    This year, I will direct an audition-only South Central Chorus for grades 3rd through 7th. The Chorus will meet after school and will require performances in addition to the aforementioned grade level music performances. Students will be given more information, such as rehearsal times, performances, and other requirements during the first few weeks of school. 




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