• Wireless Laptop Carts-Notes for Teachers

    In addition to adhering to the following rules when using the laptop carts, it is essential that you become familiar with some of the technical aspects of the cart and laptops you will be using. A User's Manual is located on the cart and should be consulted before use of the cart. 

    Do not assume the students know what they are doing when using the laptops. They will need guidance on proper use and handling if the laptops are going to work properly for you, your students and the classrooms that will use it after you.

    1. The carts are stored in the Media Center and may be reserved by signing up on the appropriate schedule in the Media Center. 
    2. Laptops are to be used by teachers only. Under no circumstances are laptops to be used when there is a substitute in the classroom. A User's Manual travels with the cart and should be consulted prior to utilizing the carts with your classroom.
    3. Teachers must utilize the laptop sign out sheet for assigning laptops to students each time the carts are checked out. This form will be collected by Media Center staff when the unit is returned and will be kept on file in the Media Center for future reference if needed. If this document is not utilized each time the laptops are used, the teacher will be held solely responsible for any damages or problems that occur while they have the unit checked out.

    4. Explain the rules and consequences of student use of the laptops. (Click the link below to view Student Guidelines for Laptop Use). Model how to use the laptops, handle them appropriately, etc.

    5. All students using the laptops must have signed the Contract for Student Use form.

    6. Consider doing a short lesson in Internet Safety with your students. Even if this is repeated in other classes, students can’t hear this and be reminded of it enough.

    7. Allow students to go to and from the carts a couple at a time. Large crowds around the computer cart can sometimes lead to mass confusion and accidents with the laptops.

    8. Reward good behavior with incentives. Maybe a couple of students can be "helpers' to hand out laptops and help put them back appropriately in the cart.

    9. Laptop Carts are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be signed out for more than a single school day at a time.

    10. Teachers must wait at least two weeks after signing out the cart to sign it out again and cannot reserve the cart for a recurring time throughout the year.

    11. Laptops are to be used to explore programs that are currently loaded on the wireless laptop carts or to develop lessons including those programs. Programs should not be added to the laptops without discussion with Media Center staff and students should be made aware that they are not allowed to change settings or add programs to the laptops.

    12. When the laptops are returned to the carts, please perform a visual check to see if all laptops are there. In the event a computer is missing, you must notify Media Center staff immediately.

    13.When you are finished using the cart, return it to the Media Center before the end of the day. Be sure all laptops and equipment and manuals are accounted for. 

    14. All maintenance issues must be reported to the Media Center staff upon return of the equipment. It would be a good idea to put a sticky note on the computer explaining the particular issue with that computer. This will help tech services know what computers need servicing. 

    15. Do not send students to transport the laptop carts without a responsible adult.

    16. When carts are not in use and when they are being moved from room to room, be sure the carts are locked. The key can be obtained from the Media Center when you check the unit out.

    17. There is to be no food or drink near the carts or laptops.