• Welcome to Mrs. Winstead's Second Grade Class

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STAR Student for the week & EPIC hero for the month.

  • A Star Student will be chosen each week. An EPIC Hero will be chosen each month. HE/SHE will receive a letter of directions for celebrating his/her honor. The Star Student will celebrate for a week and the EPIC Hero will have a month to do the activities listed in the letter. Check your newsletter for the week's STAR Student and our Monthly EPIC Hero Student. The STAR Student has expressed good leadership skills, followed directions, been a good helper for all friends and teachers. This student was chosen because he/she is always kind, very respectful, and a very responsible student. The EPIC Hero student has excelled in being an outstanding student and has always done his/her best at ALL times. He/she may have made great gains in changing his/her behavior and maintained consistancy in the imporvement of his/her behavior.

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    We are an EPIC Classroom.  We practice good values and respectful behavior towards ourselves and others. 

    Congratulations to our monthly EPIC Hero and weekly Star Student.