• Writing


    Our writing program encourages any and all efforts. Writing lasts between 30 min.- 1 hour each day.  Your child will be challenged at his/her own level of skill and interest.  As your children's writing skills improve, their reading skill will also improve.



  • How can parents encourage writing?

    * Admire (not criticize) the work your child brings home.

    * Understand that your child is just learning to spell and doesn't

    yet have it right.

    * Be interested in whatever your child writes.

  • Reading and Small Groups

     Every class has small group time each day.  This small group time focuses on reading and literacy skills and lasts about 1 hour.

    Reading and Small Groups

    Reading and Small Groups


  • Math











    Math is taught throughout the day, during morning meeting, calendar time, and during math time.  Our focus is on hands-on activities to learn math concepts.  

     Math may also be taught in small groups.