• How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten


  • Be excited about school and your child will be too!  If your child is not used to being away from mom or dad, start working on that now.  Spend time with friends, family, etc.  Kindergarten is a GREAT year!

  • Academic things to practice:

    ~letter recognition
    ~number recognition
    (red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink, white, brown, black)
    (square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, diamond)

    ~writing first name/holding pencil correctly
    (*first letter capital, rest lower case -Maggie)
    ~letter sounds

  • Social things to practice:
    ~listening attentively
    ~following directions
    ~use good manners
    ~listen to a story without interrupting
    ~be able to use the bathroom without assistance
    (includes doing buttons, zippers, snaps, etc.)

  • Click HERE for more things to do to prepare your child for school.

  • PowerPoint from Kindergarten Parent Orientation
    Download attachment to view.