Box Tops


    Clip Your Box Tops and Help Our School To Earn Money!!!

    Help support our school and child education by clipping all your Box Tops!! Each one is worth 10 cents each. There are over 240 participating products which makes this an easy way for our school to earn cash for the things we need.

    There are three easy ways to earn box tops:

    1) Clip box tops from participating products. (For a full list of products, visit the website below). Send in to the school.

    2) Earn eBoxTops when you shop online. There are more than 300 online retailers to shop with and earn box tops at the same time!

    3) Earn bonuses for our school. Check each month for valuable coupons, sweepstakes, and special offers for the school.

    ***Remember, every boxtop has an expiration date on them so be sure to send them in asap.


    Click on the link above to track our earnings progress, check out promotions and best of all, enter all kinds of give-aways...especially those that give our school a chance to win hundreds (sometimes thousands) of box tops!