• iPads are a Huge
    Hit with Ridgeview Teachers

    March 5th, 2013 9:48 pm by Madison Mathews

    SchoolCenter Picture

    Ridgeview Elementary School teachers are now untethered from their desks.
    In late January, all teachers at Ridgeview received an iPad to help augment what is already being taught in the class.
    “It’s just been outstanding. It’s the best thing that ever happened to the music program,” said Ridgeview music teacher Josh McFadden.
    Since implementing the device in his class a few weeks ago, McFadden has been able to tie the iPad to other equipment in his room, record video projects and even programmed a concert on the tablet.
    “We’ve been using it in a lot of different ways. One thing that’s really good for me is I’ve taken and bought a Bluetooth receiver so I can walk anywhere in my room and I can start and stop music,” he said.
    That’s just the kind of ingenuity officials at Ridgeview were hoping for when they decided to purchase iPads for teachers.
    Through fundraising efforts by students, teachers, the Parent Teacher Organization and use of a portion of Basic Education Program, or BEP, funds, officials were able to buy 40 iPads for about $15,000.
    “The goal is to put more technology in the classroom. Eventually, we hope to open that up for students,” Assistant Principal John McKinney said.
    Principal Peggy Greene said she decided to begin phasing in iPad use after attending a conference where she saw how useful they were in the classroom.
    “We all know that kids love interaction anyway with video games or whatever. The kids don’t realize that there are a lot of learning apps out there that not only will expand their learning and make it fun. Hopefully this is a way to do that,” Greene said.
    Once administration decided to go forward with getting funds together to purchase the iPads, Wi-Fi was installed throughout the school.
    Greene said administration hopes to implement another program in the future that will see more iPads being by students.
    Ridgeview has two classrooms that have 10 iPads each that were funded through QUEST Foundation grants.
    As the classroom becomes more digital, Greene said it’s important to stay on the cutting edge so new pieces of technology can be implemented into instruction.
    “It helps the teacher to keep up to date but also gives them flexibility in teaching kids,” she said.

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    Science Rocks at Ridgeview Elementary!

    Description: Education Interest Story

    GRAY, TN, 1/15/13 –Administrators, faculty and students at Ridgeview Elementary celebrated the opening of a dedicated science lab in mid-December 2012.  The lab is comprised of gathered and donated materials and will be utilized by all K-8 students at the school.  The lab will provide students with a place to gain hands-on scientific experience and explore the mysteries of the natural world around them.  It will also be a venue for visiting scientists to share their expertise and demonstrate the impact science has on industry and on day-to-day living. 

    In the attached photo, science comes alive for a group of fifth grade students as Carol Goldinger Ford, Professional Geologist for S&ME, Inc. demonstrates the process of identifying and dating fossil formations. Ms. Ford is the Environmental Services Manager for S&ME's Tri-Cities office and is a senior project geologist with over 25 years of experience.   She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Florida State University.  Her experience ranges from subsurface exploration, well installation, sinkhole repair, groundwater dye tracing events, soil and bedrock logging, underground storage tank assessments and remediation, preparing health and safety plans, inspection of soil and rock foundations, supervising drilling activities, managing LEED® indoor air quality assessments, installation of down-hole monitoring equipment at coal refuse impoundments, proposal preparation, and report writing. 

    Photo: L to R: (foreground-head turned) Jaiden Clark, Hayden Kinch, Ava Burke, Jaycie Jenkins, Mackenzie Miller, Makenna Dance

    Music Instructor Joshua McFadden and 3rd grade recorder players

    Ridgeview Third Graders Hold Fundraising Concert to
    “Link Up” with Milligan College and Carnegie Hall

    Description: Arts/Education Interest Story

    GRAY, TN, 3/4/13 –Audience and performers traded places on 3/4/13 as Ridgeview third grade recorder players took to the stands to share their talents with audience members on the floor.  The concert was a successful fundraiser for the group’s trip to Milligan College on 3/27/13 to join students from all other Washington County schools in a collaborative performance with the East Tennessee Regional Symphony.  The March 27th performance is the result of a “Link Up” Grant awarded to Washington County by Carnegie Hall. 


    (left to right) Kyah Powers, Ethan Stout, Madelyn Hall, Megan Smith, Riley Keene 


    Ridgeview Elementary caps off Dr. Seuss Week with ‘Sock Hop’ for students

    March 1st, 2013 9:19 pm by Madison Mathews

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    The Cat in the Hat. Sam I Am. The Lorax. Horton the elephant.
    Those characters and more were celebrated Friday as Ridgeview Elementary School ended its Dr. Seuss Week, culminating in a “Sock Hop” for students who donated books to the school’s annual book drive.
    Today is the famed children author’s birthday.
    “When we think of learning to read, everyone thinks of Dr. Seuss. He’s just an inspirational writer and someone who kind of keyed into the imagination of children and we spend this entire week celebrating his work, which is loved by all of our students young and old,” Library Media Specialist Lori Nash said.
    Guests stopped by the school during the week-long celebration to read some of Seuss’ most famous stories to students, including members of the Daniel Boone High School Beta Club; state Rep. Micah Van Huss, R-Jonesborough; and Director of Schools Ron Dykes.
    Throughout the week, students have worn wacky hats, crazy socks and pajamas while celebrating reading and the works of Dr. Seuss.
    All the activities and special dress-up events make Dr. Seuss Week an event students look forward to all year.
    “You get to dress up and it’s just a fun week,” said fourth-grader Mattie Roark.
    Seuss’ imaginative worlds and funny characters are just a few reasons students like Roark enjoy his work so much.
    “He likes to rhyme and he likes to come up with a lot of funny words,” she said.
    The Seuss Week is a tradition.
    “This is probably our last year doing it since next year is middle school, so I guess it’s kind of special since it’s probably our last time,” said fourth-grader Caleb Anderson.
    Nash said the week’s book drive brought in more than 450 items, which will be used in classrooms and to purchase other books for Ridgeview’s library.

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  • Duck Dynasty Invades Ridgeview Elementary









    Some of the staff and students at Ridgeview Elementary celebrated homecoming this week by dressing up as The Duck Dynasty crew!

    Pictured: Teacher, Emilee Little
    and students Austin, Avery, and
    Alex Cunningham

    Ridgeview Elementary Celebrates EPIC! Week

    with a Full Schedule of Events


    Ridgeview Students Reach for the
    Economic "S.T.A.R.S"



    Pictured L-R: Katy Worrell, Colton Adams, Andrew Davis, and Riley McIlvain



    Ridgeview Elementary 6th- 8th grade enrichment classes, dubbed "S.T.A.R.S" (Student Thinkers at Ridgeview School) participated in the Junior Division Spring Stock Market Game for the Upper East Tennessee Region. The competition was sponsored by Middle Tennessee State University's Center for Economic Education. Multiple teams from Ridgeview competed in the online-based game geared toward teaching K-12 students the basics of economic principles. Notably, the 6th grade team from Ridgeview won First Place honors for our region. They were honored at a reception by Middle Tennessee State University.

    Ridgeview Raptors Big 3 Conference
    Tournament Champions!


    31847/_40750.Pictured Front Row L-R: Marshall Golden, Derek Percell, Colt Adams, Dawson Arnold, and Peyton Baines 
    Back Row L-R:  Evan Fitzgerald, Jacob Hubbard, Jacob Good, Bailey Presnell, Noah Shelton,
    Chad Heglar, Matt Cox, and Camden Anderson


    The Ridgeview Boys Basketball Team has won the Big 3 Conference Tournament. In the first game of the tournament Ridgeview beat Grandview 59-22. In the second round they beat Rogersville Middle 50-38. Their final game was against Bulls Gap in which they grabbed a victory with a score of 49-32.

    Details of their journey to the championship can be found at http://www.wcde.org/education/sportszone/sportszone.php?sectionid=1167


    Ridgeview Students Write the Book
    on Scientific Processes



    Pictured Front Row L-R: Joshua Honeycutt, Drew Click, Savannah Chase, Garrett Moser, Nicholas Brock.
    Back Row, L-R: 7th Grade Teacher Mary Jane Allen, Damian Lucas, Hezekiah Davis, Jacob Hubbard, 7th/8th Grade Teacher Jennifer Hill


    7th grade students at Ridgeview School recently participated in the Student Treasures Publishing Program creating individual books using the 7th grade Tennessee State Science and English standards of learning. Teachers, Jennifer Hill and Mary Jane Allen, worked on the collaborative project with students to promote excitement in STEM (Science, Technology, English, Mathematics) learning while emphasizing the importance of communication. Students participated in academic classes and then produced the results of their learning in published hardback books. The differentiated learning project improves critical writing skills and motivates students in a flexible learning environment because it is cross-curricular, allowing language and science students to be successful.

    Jennifer Hill was so happy for the students to be successful and shared, "Students delved into the project and took great pride in producing accurate scientific information in a book that will be kept and shared for years to come". Allen added, ". . . parents were very pleased with the products produced by their students and glad to have a keepsake to remember the academic success".

    Hill and Allen plan to continue the project next year combining science and language skills as they prepare students for the rigor of high school science content and writing.


    Ridgeview Lady Raptors
    Big 3 Conference Tournament Champions!


    31847/_40807.Pictured L to R: Marley McCoy, Emma Sanders, Jaycie Jenkins, Bailee Dye, Kaitlyn Harville,
    Ali Kosinski, Chloe Hilton, McKenzie Gibson, Lily Griffith, Kaleigh Utterback


    Opening Round of the Tournament
    Ridgeview 46 - Rogersville Middle 6
    Ridgeview Lady Raptors opened the first round of their conference tournament with a 46-6 win over Rogersville Middle. Ridgeview was led in scoring by Lily Griffith with 15 points, Jaycie Jenkins 11, Kaitlyn Harville 6, and Chloe Hilton 5.  Harville pulled down 6 rebounds and Griffith 5. Jenkins had 8 steals and 6 assists, while McKenzie Gibson had 7 steals and 6 assists. 


    Ridgeview 55 - Grandview 25

    Ridgeview Lady Raptors defeated Grandview 55-25 to improve to 20-2 on the year and moved on to the championship game in the Big 3 tournament. Lily Griffith led Ridgeview with 19 points and 4 steals, Kaitlyn Harville had 14 points and 6 steals, and Jaycie Jenkins added 10 points, 9 rebounds, 9 steals and 5 assists. Bailee Dye chipped in with 5 points. Emily Onks led Grandview with 7.


    Championship Game

    Ridgeview 34 - Rogersville City 29

    The Ridgeview Lady Raptors captured the Big 3 Conference Tournament by defeating Rogersville City 34-29.  Ridgeview held Rogersville to 2 points in the 2nd quarter and 3 in the 3rd quarter to help gain a lead, but Rogersville cut the 9 point lead in the 4th quarter to close within 4 but could not come any closer. Ridgeview was led in scoring by Jaycie Jenkins with 10 points, and 6 rebounds, Lily Griffith 7 points and 5 rebounds, Kaitlyn Harville 5 points and 5 rebounds, and Ali Kosinski 5 points and 7 rebounds. Other scorers for RV were: Kaleigh Utterback 4 and McKenzie Gibson 3.


    Reading has Gone to the Dogs
    at Ridgeview Elementary School



    Pictured from left: Madelynne Stone, Omaiya AlSalim, Keyli Wagner and "Alice" in foreground



    In the latter part of the 2012-13 school year, Ridgeview Elementary School instituted a program called "Ruff Reading", which is part of a larger agency called the Human Animal Bond in Tennessee (H.A.B.I.T.).  H.A.B.I.T. is a program established in 1986 by the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine that sponsors a variety of special programs in our region which promotes pet visitation in various locations such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

    "Ruff Reading" is one of these initiatives and it focuses on school visitation by trained volunteers and their medically and behaviorally screened animals.  The H.A.B.I.T. volunteer works closely with the school's teachers or reading coordinators to help students reach their individual reading goals by reading to an encouraging animal companion. Student participants have an opportunity to practice their reading skills with an animal in an environment that fosters security and confidence. At Ridgeview, third grade teacher, Hayley Hutson, H.A.B.I.T. volunteer Sara Phipps and her four-legged companion "Alice" work together to create a positive connection with the lifelong learning skill of reading in a classroom atmosphere that is supportive and meaningful for all stakeholders.


    QUEST Foundation Grants Awarded - Ridgeview Teachers, Penny Lowe and Jackie Mumpower Receive Quest Grants 2013/2014



    Pictured Front Row L-R: Jackie Mumpower, Penny Lowe, Cindy McAvoy, Rachel Horne, Twana McKinney, Kristie Payne, and Robert St. John
    Second Row L-R: Ron Dykes, Director of Schools; Larry Estepp, QUEST Board member; James Harlan, Chairman QUEST Board; Robert Rutherford, QUEST Board member; and David Yates



    Over the last three years, the QUEST Foundation has made grants to 21 classrooms in ten schools that total over $64,000. We are pleased to announce our 2013-2014 grant awards. Through the generosity of multiple companies and individuals, the QUEST Foundation is awarding the following seven grants totaling $20,000:

    SchoolCenter Picture 


    The QUEST Foundation strives to support enhanced education and learning excellence. The mission of QUEST is to solicit, collect, receive, accumulate, administer and distribute funds to further the pursuit of excellence in education for the students, faculty and administration of the Washington County, Tennessee School System.

    QUEST provides for programs and materials that are unavailable to Washington County students and teachers through current federal, state and local funding. QUEST looks for innovative ideas designed to enhance the entire Pre-K through Grade 12 curriculum from academics to career technical education. Types of projects and program supported by QUEST includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives, learning opportunities in music and the fine arts, cultural and historic programs, literacy support, interactive learning aids utilizing smart technology, software, and teacher and administrator professional development.

    Please join us in considering your support for the QUEST foundation and helping to enhance education and learning excellence in the Washington County, Tennessee School System.  Donations should be sent to:

    Washington County Department of Education
    c/o Dr. Susan M. Kiernan
    405 W. College Street
    Jonesborough, TN 37659

    Ridgeview Elementary Students
    Celebrate the Season of Giving



    Pictured L to R:Student Council members; Courtney Noel, Presley Castle,
    Rachael Campbell (foreground), Lily Griffith, Cas Blevins, Aidan Orchard


    Students at Ridgeview Elementary went all out to share some holiday cheer with needy children by donating toys to the Johnson City chapter of the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots. Their giving was a part of an event sponsored by the Ridgeview Elementary Student Council and over 450 toys were collected and delivered just in time for Christmas distribution.


    Ridgeview Elementary Teacher Wins the Silver Medal for Team USA in Powerlifting


    31688/9501._39700.Charlie Conner (pictured on the left)



     Earlier this year, Charlie Conner, a PE teacher at Ridgeview Elementary won first place in his weight division in a national powerlifting event and was chosen to be a member of Team USA at the International Powerlifting Federation World Event in Stavanger, Norway this month. Charlie Conner took the silver metal in brench press. He bench pressed 617 lbs, deadlifted 617 lbs, and squated 727 lbs. This gives him a new personal record of 1962 lbs in total weight lifted. 


    Pictured:  Ridgeview student body


    Ridgeview Elementary School recently hosted a variety of student and family oriented activities to build support for their school's participation in Washington County Schools' county-wide EPIC! (Encourage. Protect. Invest. Connect) initiative. EPIC! was implemented in 2009-2010 and continues to evolve as a school-wide positive behavior support program, which encourages students to actively practice responsibility, respect, and cooperation in their school and in their community. 

    Ridgeview School celebrated EPIC! Week with an exciting week of activities including; special clothing theme days, an EPIC! Banner Parade, inflatables, and an EPIC! Family Movie Night. They also hosted the first annual "Claws for the Cause" Walk-a-thon that rasied over $10,000 for the school and the EPIC! program.

    A schedule of events was as follows: 

    Monday: "Team Up for EPIC!" wear your favorite sports team attire.

    Tuesday: "Hats Off to EPIC!" wear your favorite hat. (See photo below)

    Wednesday: "EPIC! Rocks!" dress like a rock star.

    Thursday: "With EPIC! we have Class!" wear class shirts. Banner Parade at 11:30 a.m. on the school track.

    Friday: " Best Foot Forward" wear crazy socks. "Claws for the Cause" Walk-a-thon at 8:30 a.m. in front of the school. EPIC Family Night at 5:00 p.m. with inflatables and a family movie.



    Principal Peggy Greene and Kindergarteners wear their favorite hats.
     Pictured Front Row L-R: Kayden Western, Sydney Alley, Principal Peggy Greene, Ilyauna Evans, Kaylee Johnson. Pictured Back Row L-R: Mallory Carpenter, Kahlan Lynch