• EPIC News from Ridgeview School


                     As we embark on year three for EPIC and School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS-ETSU), Ridgeview’s data had shown a considerable drop in overall office discipline referrals.  We attribute this drop to our EPIC program that is embedded in the culture of Ridgeview School. The focus for RVES is a school wide approach. This approach addresses the entire school population while teaching, encouraging, and acknowledging appropriate behavior(s).

    The goal of the Raptor Claws program is to teach, promote, and acknowledge appropriate behavior(s) while increasing learning opportunities for all students. Responsibility, respect, and cooperation are vital parts of the EPIC program at RVS. 

    The “Raptor Claw” ticket is a tool for acknowledging, recognizing, and encouraging appropriate behavior(s). Participating teachers/staff recognize students who engage in appropriate behavior(s) by rewarding them with a Raptor Claw and specifically describing the appropriate behavior that earned the claw.  

                Students who receive Raptor Claws will deposit their claw(s) in a designated area(s) of the school. Each claw given out will include the teacher’s name, student’s name, grade level, and the behavior category (respect, responsibility, and cooperation). This data is entered weekly into a data-base.

    At the end of each 9 week grading period, students who earn three Raptor Claws will be released from classes and allowed to participate in a Raptor Claw celebration.  This celebration will include fun activities, drawings for prizes, treats, and other forms of entertainment. Also, to be eligible for the special “End of the year Raptor Claw Celebration,” students must attend three out of four EPIC celebrations during the year.  This year’s celebration dates are as follows: October 7th,January 6th,March 16th ,April 26th ,May 15th .

    This year RVS is taking the next step and focusing on “Looks Like Sounds Like” behaviors and showing other schools how our Ridgeview’s Raptor Claw ticket program really works. Please look on our website at our “Looks Like Sounds Like” video of Ridgeview’s three target behaviors.  During this year’s EPIC safety assemblies, the video was shown and discussed with the students to reinforce what the three target behaviors “Look Like Sound Like”.  Engaging students to participate on this level should build more positive behavior outcomes at Ridgeview. We expect to lower our numbers of office discipline referrals even more this year showing the positive continual progress of our EPIC program.