• Instructional Assistants are a very important part of not only each student's school day, but the educator's school day as well. Thank you for all you do for all of us! Below is a list of the important people that help make our school run efficiently:

    K -

    1 - 

    2 - 

    3 - 

    4 - Amy Wilson

    5 - 

    6 - Buffy Sanders

    7/8 - Cindy Blevins 

    Our custodians not only keep our school clean, but are always there when a locker gets stuck, a door is locked, heavy things need moved, or things need to be fixed. We could not make it through the day without them! Thank you, Richard Antoine and Teresa Melborn!

    Our cafeteria provides us with hot, nutritious meals with a smile and always a kind word. Thank you for providing our students and staff with healthy hot meals each day!