• Reading Logs

    This year we will be keeping reading logs. It is so important for your child to read every night.  This time should be enjoyable- not stressful.  An important tip for making reading fun is finding "Just Right Books".  If children try to read books beyond his/her level it can become frustrating for them.  If you can tell your child is getting frustrated-you can take turns reading.  The last thing I want is to make this time of reading dreadful.  We want to encourage reading.  Selecting the right book is so important.  Your child will learn to find books he/she can read mostly on his/her own.  The trick is asking your child to read the first page of a book, if he/she can read the first page without missing more that 5 words then it is a "Just Right Book".  If he/she struggles reading more than 5 words then you can read it to them, or select another book, because it is beyond their level. Some children like reading the same book repeatedly and that is okay.  Research has proven reading books repetitively helps improve fluency. It is also helpful to find books children are interested in or funny books.   Some favorites include:  Junie B. Jones, Fancy Nancy ( great for building vocabulary), Biscuit ( for struggling reading), David Shannon books( boys love his books) , Eric Carle, Kevin Henkes, James Marshall, Magic Tree House, I Know a Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly series ( repetitive and funny), and Seymour Simon and Gail Gibbons ( for nonfiction lovers).