Class Procedures

    I thought it would be helpful if I listed some guidelines and procedures we will be implementing this year.

    • Each student will have his/her own folder.  The folder will be a way for us to communicate. The folder will contain homework your child has completed, homework that has not been completed, forms the office will be sending home, and a behavior chart.  The behavior chart needs to be initialed each night.  This is just a way for me to make sure you have received any papers that need to be turned in (exp. field trip permission forms).
    • We will be doing a lot of fun activities.  I  work really hard to make learning fun, in order to get to the fun stuff I must have good classroom management. I believe in using positive reinforcement as much as possible. I hope to motivate students to want to behave and work hard in class.
    • Each week I will be sending home weekly newsletters to let you know what will be going on  the upcoming week.  I try to send the newsletters home on Friday so the students know what to expect on Monday.
    • Anytime your child has a dismissal change you can leave me a note in your child's folder.
    • If you ever have questions or concerns you can leave me a note in your child's folder.
    • Please remember if your child misses a day of school and you have a doctor's excuse to send that in the day your child returns to school.