• First Grade Behavior Expectations and Discipline Plan      

    Own Responsibility

    ~ Follow class rules

    ~ Finish classwork

    ~ Be prepared with all materials needed

    Love and Respect Others

    ~ Listen to who is speaking

    ~ Wait your turn

    ~ Follow all directions

    Stay Safe

    ~ Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

    ~ Keep backpacks in designated spot


    If you choose to break an expectation…

    1st time daily - Nonverbal warning - teacher move closer in proximity (stay on green)

    2nd time - Verbal warning/ reteaching (yellow, 3 pts off conduct)

    3rd time - Student’s seat changed (orange, 3 pts more off conduct)

    4th time - Loss of privilege and parent notified (red, 3 more pts off conduct)

    5th time - Office Discipline Referral visit (6 more pts off conduct, unless immediate office visit which is 15 pts off conduct)


    ~ Students have the opportunity to correct behavior and move back up to green.  ~Students will start on green each day.

    ~5 GREEN days will earn a trip to the treasure box.


    Nine week celebrations:

    In school or out of school suspension will automatically lose that nine week celebration.

    Earning an “N” in conduct for the quarter will lose that nine week celebration.


    1st Grade nine week celebrations: 

    1st quarter - Fun Friday 

    2nd quarter - Fun Friday 

    3rd quarter - Fun Friday 

    4th quarter - Fun Friday