• iPads

    This is a sampling of the apps we use on a regular basis...

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    Chirp allows me to send weblinks to students using the iPad microphones.  It is basically like using an auditory QR code.  It allows us to very quickly all be on the same webpage.

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    Good Notes

    Good Notes is a PDF annotation tool.  I can send a PDF link to students (usually by "chirping" it to them!), they follow the link, send the file to Good Notes, & use a stylus to complete the task. 

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    Popplet is an app that allows students to visually organize information.  Each popplet is a box/bubble in which students can type, draw, or add pictures.

  • SchoolCenter PictureCreate comic book style pages 

    SchoolCenter Picture Scribble Press: allows students to create a digital book that is able to be shared with other readers.  Includes a "marker wall"... which is our favorite feature!!

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    Scholastic Classroom Magazines

    This app allows us to access a digital version of our classroom magazines (Storyworks & Scholastic News) on the iPads.

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    This app allows me to record a lesson, upload it to a cloud server, share a link with students, & let them watch or rewatch to complete a task.