• Enrollment - Approximately 250

    Colors - Blue & White

    Mascot - Wildcat  




    School History

    During the post-depression years of 1937-1939, President  Franklin Roosevelt instituted the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works to provide needed employment.  This agency of the federal government supplied the funds to erect hundreds of schools and public buildings.  South Central School is one example of this program.

      South Central School was established by the consolidation of four community schools. The schools consisted of Enon, Mount Carmel, Liberty, and Philadelphia. The site was chosen because it would be equal distance from all four schools.

    In 1991 the Washington County School Board and the Washington County Commission went to each school in the southern part of the county to see if there would be support for a building project.  Many of the schools had only a hand full of interested teachers and community members. When they got to South Central they were astounded by the turn out.  There were over 500 people trying to fit into a gym that would hold about 250.  The board members and the commissioners realized that the South Central community was serious about the construction of a new school.

    The present day site lies just behind the old school. In 1996, the first phase of the building program was finished and the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades were the first to occupy the new building.  Then in 1998, the second phase was completed and the rest of the school moved in.  The demolition of the old school was witnessed by teachers, students, and parents. It was also recorded for prosperity and memories in print as well as video.  Yes, sometimes it is hard to let go of the past, but what the teachers, students, parents, and the whole community were getting made letting go a hundred times easier.