• Classroom Dojo is the main way I communicate...especially when behavior is involved. I will be sending you information on how to join my class soon. (I will also have this information at Open House) 
      • Feel free to send me messages through Dojo anytime. I try to respond as quickly as possible. 
    • Students will earn a Dojo point everyday for being on time to school. 
    • Students can earn Dojo points for being good citizens of our classroom and our school. 
    • Students can lose Dojo points for failure to follow our classroom, school, and bus rules.
      • We will discuss this in class and I will send home more information regarding this at the beginning of the year. If you ever have questions about why your child lost a point, please let me know. 
    • Points will be used for EPIC celebrations each nine weeks.
      • Students who lose 12 or more Dojo points in a nine weeks will not be allowed to attend our EPIC celebration.
      • We will come up with rewards to be used in class for points that are earned throughout the nine weeks.  

    Please keep in mind that I will be easier on your child for the first month of school as we all settle in and learn the rules and my expectations. 

    Again, if you ever have questions or concerns, please let me know!!