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    Brief History

    Jonesborough Middle School is located in the most historic town in Tennessee - Jonesborough.

    Jonesborough Middle School was built in 1950 as a high school. Consolidation in 1971 resulted in the creation of the present Jonesborough Middle School. Currently, the school serves approximately five hundred students in grades five through eight.

    Mission / Beliefs / Vision

    Our mission at Jonesborough Middle School is to create a place where our students are cared for, safe, dedicated to learning, and working toward the future. 

    Our school motto is “Roaring Into the Future”.

    Students, teachers, parents, and the community share responsibility for developing the student as a productive member of society. With the proper motivation and opportunities, students have the ability to learn, achieve, and succeed in various ways. 

    Each student is a valued individual with unique talents, and physical, social, emotional, and
    intellectual needs which should be nurtured for optimum benefit. Therefore, positive committed teachers should use a variety of strategies to meet individual learning styles. 

    Students have the responsibility to take an active part in the learning process, and they succeed best when challenged. Through encouragement, students can learn to accept responsibility for their present and future actions. Appropriate decision-making skills can be developed in a supportive environment.

    Jonesborough Middle School will provide a quality educational program that is academically rigorous, developmentally appropriate, and available to all students as correlated with the Tennessee Middle Grades Policy and Tennessee Curriculum Standards.