Parent Resources



    Being a parent is very rewarding, but quite challenging at times.  Understanding how children grow and develop and learning how to communicate with them can be of tremendous help with your relationship with your child. Listed below are some websites that offer great tips and ideas to help parents meet those challenges.


    Parenting Style: What kind of parenting style do you have? Take this quiz to gain more insight on your parenting style.

    KidsHealth: KidsHealths Parents section has doctor-approved, accurate, up-to-date, and jargon-free health information about children.

    Family Times: Through play, children can learn to be cooperative, respectful and caring. Family activity: Playing board games. Discipline: Help your children develop feelings of self-esteem.

    Psychology Today-Parenting: We can all think of ways we'd do things differently from our parents, and no doubt your kids will find ways they'll parent differently from you.How much does parenting really matter?